Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Young Living Has MAKEUP!!

Young Living Makeup!

Folks, this stuff is AWESOME!!!

About a year or so ago, I decided it was time to take one more step away from the synthetic chemical life.  I had cleaned up my food, cleaned up "cleaning", cleaned up the sad little habit of just heading to Target or Walgreens for every little remedy. I stopped burning candles. Stopped using Scentsy and all artificial home scenting.  Nor more Tide and Downy - just clean laundry soap and a DIY fabric softener.    I stopped using synthetically scented lotions and perfumes.  I used DIY's for skin care, sun car, insect repellants (now I use Young Living's fin products!).  I changed my shampoo and bath wash.

Two area's remained:  Hair spray and makeup!!
(Still working on the hair spray lol - that's coming)

Makeup.  The final frontier.  I have worn makeup since grade school.  The 8th grade "awards" that students bestow upon each other was "future Makeup company owner".  I did my science fair project on the eye, which inluded eye makeup

Yep, makeup is not something I can live without lol!!

A year ago, I learned about Melissa Poepping's small makeup line called "Sweet Savvy Minerals".  I already loved Melissa (she's kind of a Young Living Rockstar!).  My daughter and I tried her lovely products, and we were in!!!

Why?  Here's why!

All the things I had been searching for in a makeup and there it was! I was using a few other natural lines, but Sweet Savvy had the mineral makeup I had been longing for.  

 At the 2017 Young Living convention, when the word "Savvy" appeared on the screen, the Rice-Eccles stadium EXPLODED!!!  

My Makeup - My Savvy - it was not Young Living's 

Just look at this stuff!!  

To see even better pics, Young Living now has a web site to see it directly:  Savvy Makeup by Young Living

The return policy is like all other products:  If you are unhappy with the product, unopened items can be returned in 30 days for a refund.  Opened items can also be returned in 30 days for a product credit.

For Savvy makeup and all things Young Living, please visit my link here:  Help Me Oil link