Thursday, July 20, 2017

ONLINE Makeup and Skin Care Class!!


I am so EXCITED to present to you a "through the day" skin care/makeup class along with a few of my friends!  It all starts Friday morning July 21 and lasts throughout the day.  You can view any time you want after that too!!  We'll take you through our day with various age levels of skin care.  Join is!!  go here

It's a public Facebook class, so just select "going" and you'll get the notifications when each new post arrives. 

Yah - we're gonna show you how we do our MAKEUP!

**Look, I know you care. But while the good angel on your shoulder says "use pure products!" The Snarky smar-a** one says "pardon me while I smear this toxic smudge all over my kids" (yah - I saw that blog post!!)

We are busy. We are trying out best. We are TIRED. We are trying to make ends meet, figure it all out, but shoot -if it's sold on store shelves, no matter how much someone like you, Gayle, blabber on about ingredients, I trust that no real harm will come to me because if that were the case, they would not sell this stuff.

**Weary woman, dear friend, I get it. But it's not just me telling you to please be careful....studies abound out there. And honestly, which one of you really trusts federal agencies to be completely honest and free of the lure of the power of the almighty dollar and lobbying efforts swayed by them? 🤚   Please convince me I am wrong if you feel I am.

don't think you say to yourself what this picture says, but I do think you are too overwhelmed to investigate what all that stuff on the label says, or whether or not it's true that there is no requirement to even list what's on the label. So let's try another route: Is your face worth it? (Stay tuned...)