Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Why Essential Oils?" Class Online!

Lean About Essential Oils Online!

Join us as we present an Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils class!
May 23, 9 pm CST.  Open for viewing until May 29!

This class will be a great way to dip your toes!  And it's viewable for one full week.  Click on the link above and enjoy!  Once you are finished, contact me when you are ready to go, or just click HERE  

 UPDATE:  BAG OF EXTRA GOODIES FOR STARTER KITS PURCHASED MAY 26 TO MAY 31!!   Free Tangerine, 400 page book, Outdoor Spray, Room Spray and Itch Stick!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017



The Young Living Premium Starter kit is ALWAYS a fabulous value!  11 oils, the best diffuser made, samples and other great goodies, and now in May, a EXTRA fee oil to boot! 

A big ol 15ml bottle of a popular citrus oil, Tangerine!!!

Select "Best Way to Begin" to your right, or click the sub-heading of this entry, and you are good to go! I'll mail you some other items to help you begin as well (and that adds another $30 value to this!)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Balancing Emotions with Essential Oils

Balancing Emotions Online Class

Do you love essential oils for emotional purposes?  Aromatherapy at it's purest form of the name?

Tell you a secret:  I avoided that for a while.  I love my essential oils for all kinds of health benefits but just did not take hold of the incredible value they carry for our minds!!

Boy, did that change these last 18 months.....below are the oils I keep within a moments reach - right on my kitchen counter!  

Kitchen Counter Oils

This  Facebook class is open to the public.  Just click the link and join!!  I'll be discussing MANY of  Young Living's exceptional oils and oils blends for emotional purposes.  This subject is vast and complex, but I'll help you begin to understand some ways to get an easy grasp on this topic!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weary Worker, Is this You?

Weary Worker, Is this you?

  • Worn Out
  • Not Having Much Fun
  • You get by, you have enough even to but a little extra, but not much!
  • Not in a position to take on a second job or leave your current one
  • Bored

This is not gonna be your typical "work from home!" Post.  Not by a long shot. Nope.  This post is about this:  

You see, that is what happened to me!  

3 years ago, I just wanted to try out Essential Oils.  I purchased the Young Living Premium Starter Kit mainly so I could get 11 oils at the best price they offered, and, if I actually LIKED them, I could get the 24% discount.  

I had no idea if I would even like them, let alone how to use them lol!  But my kit came, and I started asking questions and reading a bit on "what oil to use for what" (cursor back to just about ANY post here for that!).  I loved the response my body had to each oil, and I learned that our bodies are designed by NATURE to respond quite perfectly to a pure plant extract - one that is ONLY the plant extract, like these.  (Don't be fooled - every store brand oil out there has fillers, stretchers or bio-identicals and can be labelled pure....)  

What happened?  This:  My little story

So I invested my 160 bucks, fell in LOVE with aromatherapy because it immediately helped me and before you know it, this:  

So again, I ask:  

⭐️Are you frustrated with your current job? ⭐️Are you Living paycheck to paycheck?
⭐️Are you in debt?
⭐️Do you feel stuck in your present situation? Do you love the crunchy, natural options for health?

If you said yes to any of these questions, I want to let you know that by purchasing your premium starter kit, you are already set up to share oils!!
The great thing about sharing oils, is that you can work a little and pay for your oils. Or work a little more and pay for your oils and your groceries. Or work a little more and also pay off that hospital bill. Or that car payment. Or you can work even more and experience financial freedom!!
YL doesn't pay advertisers. They pay us as distributors to advertise.  First, I made a few hundred bucks a month, now, I am averaging $1200.  Is that retirement income, not yet lol! But my check keeps growing doing something I LOVE!!!!!
If this interests you at all. If you think you'd like to learn a bit more info, please send me a message! You can do this here or via my Facebook Page.  If that is all you want - just some info, cool!  You can stop reading here and I'll still love you lol!  And I'll mail you a sweet little book and we can go from there.  Either you'll want to talk to me again, and I'll chat, or you won't, and I promise you I will leave you alone.

There's no pressure outside that because I realize that this may not be for everyone. But I love the freedom I have to be a wife and a mom while working part time. Shoot, I work TWO part time jobs as I have to figure out the way to quit the "other one" as it's a family biz, and I would rather spend my time here.  

I am currently a Silver Leader in Young Living.  Young Living requires that I post the income disclosure statement which is fine by me lol!  I am on the beginning side of Silver, and it's just getting better.  Would you like to Join Me?  Awesome month for it as Young Living is throwing in a FREE 12th oil!!!  15 ml of Tangerine to go along with the awesome 11!!