Monday, April 24, 2017

Valor is BACK!


The wait is OVER!  VALOR is BACK!

Yep, you read this correctly, Valor is back!  We had to go without for 18 months or more.  But a re-sourcing of an ingredient in this blend that was endangered combined with lots and lots of testing finally made this amazing product available to us again! 

Valor was originally created by Gary Young based on his research findings of baths prepared for warriors using plant extracts.  It was to help the warrior gain courage and fortitude and also to ease the battle stress both physically and emotionally.  It's best worn on the heart - like a shield.  It also is amazing on areas of your body that need that same kind of help a battle weary warrior might need,  Valor has the same frequency as bone.  If you have every studied frequency and how it works in science, you may understand why this is a good thing.  Oils bring our bodies into balance, and our musculoskeletal system is the largest "operating system" we have. When an oil matches that in frequency, it will work well together with the body to bring everything into balance structurally.

The frequencies in Valor will also balance the frequencies in blood.  What does that mean?  Well let's just say that I am on vacation, and since it's vacation, I make sure I apply a drop of this to my feet each night!  

Valor can also assist with sleep, applied or diffused.  Some swear by a swipe on the bottom of the big toe to quiet the noisy sleeper in the house ;)

Valor is an enhancing oil.  As you may have read before in this blog, Copaiba is a magnifier, so I will often suggest you apply Copaiba on "top" of another oil you apply.  Peppermint is a "driving" oil - it drives it in faster.  Valor is an enhancer.  What does that mean?  Valor, when applied FIRST, will enhance the next oil you apply.  So, while not quite the same as a magnifier that makes it stronger, Valor makes the next oil better at what it does.  

Ingredients in this blend: (new formulation)  Black Spruce, Camphor wood, Geranium, Blue Tansy, Frankincense

We were without this for 18 months for a reason.  Rosewood is endangered, and had to be replaced in this blend.  However, Gary Young and the chemists at Young Living will not put out a reformulation if it's not as good or better than the original blend.  I used to HATE it when a blend was reformulated, wishing I had stock-piled on the old blend.  I have come to see now that each reform I have used is as good or better than what I had, so I am confident in this one as well!

So the world can now rejoice - our Valor is back!!

To get started with a premium starter kit with membership go here.  To get Valor with it, just add it at the tab "add more products".  You want Valor, not Valor II.  Once you sign up, I'll ship you a goodie package worth over $30 to help you get started!!!