Monday, March 20, 2017

A Juicy Little Welcome Spring Special from me to you!


Spring has sprung! To Celebrate "oily style", I have little Gayle Special - from me to you!

Yep, in addition to the gift of education (400 page reference guide and some bottle labels), you'll get these 2 citrus oils!  5ml sizes of Lime Vitality and Citrus Fresh Vitality!  The title was a pun.  Young Living's citrus oils are all cold-pressed from the rind, not the juice of the fruit.  That's good for your teeth - no enamel damage.  

Citrus oils are great for your kidneys and lymphatic system too.  Citrus oils are also energizing and mood balancing.  GREAT diffused, applied and also ingested.

This little gift will arrive directly from me, not Young Living. This offer is for new members that enroll with the Premium Starter Kit with me (1912662) as the enroller.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Oils Class On Facebook Live!

Understand Essential Oils

Facebook "Live" class!

I will be conducting a class Tuesday night, March 7 at 9:00 pm cst right on my Business Page

Did you just get a Young Living Premium Starter Kit?

Do you want one?

Are you wondering why these oils cost so much more than the oils at Walmart and Target, the book stores, Beth Bath and Beyond, Home Depot and probably scads of other stores?  Or maybe you picked up a pricey Scentsy oil and read the label where is says to use only in their diffuser and wondered "why"?  

This is your class!  

Tune in HERE. Click on "discussion" to take you to the video.  Enjoy - and ask me questions!!  <3 font="">

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

No More Social Security Numbers at Sign-Up!


Yep! You heard right!  Did you ever stop short at sign-up because you needed to enter your SSN?  Then rejoice!  You can now become a Young Living Member with the Premium Starter Kit and SKIP that requirement! 

Woohoo!!  Just go to and enter #1912662 as enroller and sponsor. You can also click on "Best Way to Begin" but it may ask you to name the enroller and sponsor anyway, no matter how hard I try to get mobile devices and blogger to play nicely together lol!  

As a "thank you", I'll send you a books to help you begin and a few other goodies worth $35!