Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome 2017! New Year, New You! Time to Get Serious about Essential Oils!


Oh it's here all right - the new year!  Winter!  January!  If you live in the midwest like me, well it's a month you just kind of endure as you wait PATIENTLY for May lol!  The days can be wet and gray. Little daylight can also make for a day that feels like it take forever!  Not to mention all these Christmas decorations I still need to get down!  (hint - no hurry here - I love the tree lights!!)

But at the same time, it's a fresh planner, a fresh schedule and calendar, and a fresh set of classes for me!!  I love teaching essential oil classes, and I have a packed calender - yeah!!  Several are Facebook classes!  So this post will highlight them. They are public events for all to see!

"The Best YOU in 2017 - Making You the Best You!" aired December 29 and is up until Janaury 4, but it stays open forever, so you can view any time. Please take a look!!  It goes over some our exceptions nutritional products and some of my favorite essential oils!  Go here!

This week's class is "Understanding Essential Oils - Why do I  need them?  Are Cheap oils safe?"  Face it- oils are EVERYWHERE!!  And the price points are all over the place.  People are buying the cheapies up and not getting results.  Some are harming themselves using them incorrectly, and it breaks my heart! Join my friends and I as we investigate this topic on January 5. The Class is on Facebook and will stay open to view!!  Go Here

More classes coming soon!  Here is a link to the January classes both online and local:  The Classes

January Specials!!

Essential Oils!Essential Oils!