Saturday, January 21, 2017

FREE Peace And Calming!


Have you heard of the ORIGINAL Peace and Calming Essential Oil blend by Young Living?  No?  You have not been listening then lol!  This is one of THE most sought after Young Living Blends, and from January 21 to January 31, it's absolutely FREE to new members with the Premium Starter Kit!!

Now, Young Living does have two versions of this fabulous oil, the other being called Peace and Calming II, and I have used both.  II is a great product, but nothing beats ORIGINAL P & C!  This is a blend of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, the elusive Blue Tansy, Orange and Patchouli.  This stuff works FAST.  FAST FAST FAST, let me tell you!  Applied to emotional points (chest, back of neck, wrists, big toes) and/or diffused. 

 My own sweet doggie Riley, on the very day I received my own Premium Starter Kit in 2014, led me to the wonders of this oil! "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night!" - it really was lol!  My dog FREAKS at storms.  However, just that evening, I had placed a few drops of Peace and Calming and a few of Lavender in my diffuser and was running it in my bedroom to help my hubby sleep.  At the height of the storm, I went to find my sweep pup.  I finally found her alright - plastered up against the nightstand - just like this picture here lol!  (ok, that's a chair -but we re-enacted - ha!).  She was not shaking or freaking out, and I thought "son of  gun - the DOG found the diffuser!!"  

Now, when it's time for the vet, or other stressful moments for her when I cannot diffuse, I place some in this diffuser clip for her collar!

This is more than just a doggie oil.  People love it too! Got a teeth grinder?  Diffuse while they sleep!  Kids going kinda nutty? Apply a little with a carrier oil on the back of their necks.  Hate driving?  Hate the dentist? (that's me - for both!) Apply to neck and chest or your diffuser necklace. Twitchy eye, leg or other muscles?  Apply with a carrier oil right on them. I'm tellin ya' - this stuff is gold.