Saturday, December 3, 2016

I Work From "Home"

I Work From Home

Wherever that happens to be!

I was just thinking, as I was in my condo in Florida for an "escape" week between the holidays, finishing up my work so I could head down to the pool, that while I work hard, it sure is AWESOME to be able to work remotely!  My husband and I are both self-employed.  So while it's hard to just "checkout" and completely leave our duties to another (because sometimes there is no "another"), the trade off is mighty fine.  We can work anywhere, and we get to go away - alot.

I teach others how to use Essential Oils.  But not just any oil, the finest, purest, safest oils made! I love my job!  I am passionate about this subject and I have fun.  If you don't love what you do, you need to find another job!  Learn more Here

Does it pay in other ways than emotional gratification?  Yes.  Go See for yourself :D

Are you ready?  Get started With This!  Then I'll help you make it rain in he-ah!  Lol!  Plus you get a free bottle of Christmas Spirit to enjoy!