Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Sales!


Black Friday Sales are LIVE!  Some or Time Sensitive to be on the lookout for that! But in order to even GET those sales, you need to become a Member!  Obtain your membership by clicking just to your left where is says "Best Way To Begin", or simply CLICK HERE

For today only, I have a special gift!  You will receive from me a $25 gift card, a book to help you get started and a free SURPRISE gift!  $50 value!!  (Young Living gives that sweet bottle of Christmas Spirit and it will arrive with your starter kit) 

Here are the rest of the deals today:

Be advised - the Aria Diffuser sale below is only 8 am to 5 pm MT

But this one is on sale ALL DAY!!

I am loving these diffuser sales!!!

 Only my favorite body lotion of ALL TIME!!  A little goes a LONG way!

Dryer balls!! This cheap!! Get OUT!!!

NO WAY!!!  This is an awesome dealio!!  1 - 5 pm MT only!!

Tune in Monday for the Cyber Monday specials!

 Let's get started friends!  If you are not a Young Living member, you are missing out on the FINEST, purest, cleanest, safest Essential Oils made.  Young Living has an exclusive Seed to Seal guarantee that no other company can claim.  Organically grown, chemical free, harvested and distilled in specific ways so that they are SAFE!  Young Living's biggest partner is Nature.  If the plant is not available from their own farm so that they can oversee every step - done to their high standards, then the oil is simply not sold.  They will not out-source for profit and they will not even accept oils form their own farms that do not meet their industry-setting standards or high quality!  Accept no substities!  PLUS, members get 24% off and access to great sales like these! It's so worth it to become a member!  And my members get private coaching from me - and I'm good at this ;)

Let's Go!