Saturday, September 3, 2016

September Specials!

Fall support, for your entire body!

The above specials - four oils and a massage oil!! Awesome! I'll go more in depth soon about how to use these oils.  It's nice to collect oils, but you also need to learn to use them.  They aren't beanie babies or spoons lol!  (Did you ever collect beanie babies or spoons?)  Nope - oils are to be used.  

Guess what else?  All NEW members that begin with the premium starter kit get a FREE THIEVES LAUNDRY SOAP!!

The additional retail value of that is $40!!.  The retail value of the starter kit with membership is already $340, so that makes this deal worth $380! Do you pay that?  Nope. You can your starter kit for $160!!!   This is really awesome - it's HALF the cost of purchasing the oils, diffuser, soap and membership ala carte   

I'll help you get started!  And, I help you learn.  You don't want a drawer full of oils that you "collected" just to sell in 10 years on ebay.  That's not why I want you to order oils.  In fact, that would make me sad!  Let me Help You Oil.