Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oregano - Used for Centuries in Wellness!

Oregano - why do I want this? 

Oregano - we all know WHAT Oregano is, right?  Can't eat a pizza or a good dish of spaghetti (at least here in the US) without it!  And since it's so cheap and easy to get in a dried spice, or even as a fresh plant (for some), why in world would I want to use this in Aromatherapy??? Walking around with that in my diffuser necklace would just make me hungry lol!

Well, I tell you what.  I have been teaching Essential Oil classes for 2 years now, and I have run into several people that have been using One essential oil for year....and it's not Lavender.  (gasp!) It's Oregano...

Let's start first with some things throughout history.  With historical applications dating back to Greco/Roman history, why then are "Well-controlled human studies substantiating these health effects are lacking"? 

Because we aren't asking enough for them!  But "old wives" showing up at my classes have been listening to their "old wives" in their families, and they have Oregano Essential Oil.  They swear by it too!

In the picture about, you see it's rich in "phenols", whatever that means right?  It means simply that it's an anti-oxidant, which gets rid of the bad baddies in our blood that cause oxidation. The junk.  The clogging things.  Tracking with me?  Ok good.

Applied topically?  What!!!!  Ok, not something I pick first - at. all.  First, it's a super "hot" oil - it will burn when applied directly without a good fatty carrier oils like coconut or olive oil.  But if I apply it with Olive Oil, I'm gonna walk around smelling like a salad.  A great way to achieve topical benefit from it is in techniques such as the Raindrop.  Raindrop is a good way to detox and cleanse. 

Huffington Post  has some good info here about other ways to use it, such as applied to the chest when you need to clear the lungs out. has an interesting article, also noting there are not enough current medical studies, so again- ask for them!  But I am impressed it's included in a study at all!  

Dr. Mercola - ok, I'm listening!  Immune support!! Which leads me to my preferred way to taking Oregano Essential Oil.  Ingested.  

It's really not recommended for daily use, but there are times you really need to support your immune system.  And that's a perfect time to pull out a pure, therapeutic-grade ingestible (read your labels!!) Oregano Essential oil, such as Young Living's.  I drop of two in size 00 Vegetable capsule, filled up the rest of the way with a good organic Olive Oil is the way to do that!

As luck would have it, you can get Oregano free this month with certain sized orders from  Young Living.  

Get this oil - you will thank me!  Research a bit you'll be surprised at what you find! You may even find info on a plantar's wart.....

Stick with me - I'll help you learn!