Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thieves Spray: It's the Bees Knees! BONUS: DIY refills!

What's So Special About Thieves Spray

It's the Bees Knees! 

Well maybe not to the bees

.....unless don't like their Knees 

So, you love your oils, but you never really got "into" the little bottles of the Thieves Spray.  I mean really, a Thieves spray??  

Come here.  Over here - shhhhh!  We can chat in private  (me, whispering  "I never saw the need either"......)

But, lo and behold, and probably from a freebie on an Essential Rewards, I ended up with a 3-pack of them. I promptly gave at least 2 away and kept one  as a "demo".  Stupid me!

Since that time, and have pulled this little guy out of my purse (it's purse sized!!) more times than I can count.  I can TRAVEL with this on a PLANE!  It's one ounce, so score!  And guess where there are a lot of germs? PLANES!  

Where else:  Any store with a cart. Yep - ga-ross!!!  Ya, I read that article and finally got wise.  I spray the handles of all the shopping carts now.  I am not a fan of the anti-bac wipes that may or not be present (read: have anything in them) at stores, but I always have Thieves Spray and kleenex.  And it smells awesome!  

Also, restaurant tables:  I like eating out -you too?  But it can also be gross!  We live in a germy world - deal with it.  But some germs will make you sick, not strong, so a few quick sprays and I feel better

I am not a big fan of gels to clean hands, even the Thieves one.  I guess I want stuff OFF of my hands, not covering up stuff.  So I "Thieves Spray" my hands and wipe - even if it's on my jeans :)  (I do keep a Microfiber cloth handy too lol).

Guess what else THIEVES SPRAY saved me from the other day!?  BEES!! I was at the place that takes all of my money (Sams Club) the other day.  I hauled the giant cart of things "I cannot live without" to my Enclave, opened the back hatch, and since it's a sunny day in August in the Midwest, 10 bees immediately flew over to check out what I bought!  I. HATE. BEES.  These are what we call Sweat Bees here - they come out of the ground late August, love sun and anything salty (like us - we are salty).  I am sure they do some good in nature, but to me, they are a big ol pain!  And this kind of bee does NOT lose its stinger and die when they sting you!  You get one of them under your shorts or sleeve and they sting and KEEP ON STINGING!  Seriously, these things are my worst fall nightmare. I drive around windows shut and a/c on on a sunny 70 degree day because otherwise, if you stop at a stoplight for 5 entire seconds, they come in the CAR!  AURGHHH!!!!!!!
So ya, you know where I am going with this.  I pulled this little beauty out of my purse and sprayed.  They immediately flew away. A few brave ones came back but I was armed and ready!!!  Then one sucker went INTO my Enclave, but I just laughed and sprayed -ha!  He got out of there in a hurry!!  :D

I am very sorry I only have one bottle, and that I was dumb enough to give 2 away.  But I found a solution!  I refill this one!  Below are directions for a 1 ounce spray bottle: 

  • Fill the bottle almost to the top with distilled water
  • Add on drop of Thieve Dish soap, or 1 tsp Vodka, Witch Hazel or Epsom Salts to emulsify the water to the Essential Oil
  • Add 15 drops of Young Living Thieves Essential Oil
  • Shake, and you are good!

One other awesome way to use this:  For the emulsifier, use a little Vodka.  Make sure you are also using a PURE, therapeutic grade of an ingestible EO such as Thieves Vitality.  If you do, you can also use this as a throat spray!!  

Thieves Spray.  You need it!