Thursday, July 14, 2016



It's Lavender time!  July is a great month for Lavender.  We're all kinda "chill" now as it's mid Lavender is THE oil to have on you at all times in the summer!  

And just in time Young Living's July promo is allllll about the Lav!!

I wrote my never ending love for Lavender last year...go take a look!  Last month, I went to the Young Living International Grand Convention at the end of June, just before "Lavender Days" in Mona Utah, as they celebrate the Lavender Harvest!  

Visiting a Young Living Farm has been the highlight of my year!  But that is a story for another day.  I've been a little busy since returning from convention, which is why I got this July promo up here on July 14   (gulp!)

My friends got together and decided to name just a "few" things you do with one of those 3 lovely bottles of Lavender that you can get with a 190pv Essential Rewards order.  Here they are!

With a 250pv order, you get a voucher you can share with a friend for THEIR new Premium Starter Kit! And just in time for that, I have a Facebook Class designed just for your curious friend!  It's Saturday July 16, and you can access it from my Facebook page and also right here:

I hope you can come!  Participation prizes will be available...just sayin'.

Next up:  Progessence Plus! (Coming soon!)