Saturday, July 30, 2016

Live Your Passion Essential Oil

Live Your Passion!

Oh friends, I have had this post bubbling in me for a month now!  That's how long I have been home from Young Living Grand Convention held at the end of June in Salt Lake City Utah.  That alone deserves it's own piece which I hope to get to soon, but I knew I would talk about the newest oil, Live Your Passion, first.  (Be patient, I will get to the properties of this oil in a bit!)

Every year, at convention Young Living will unveil it's latest blend, created for the convention theme.  It's a blend Gary Young created to go along with his fiery passion to teach people the correct use of essential oils, harvested and distilled for use in wellness.  In us, on us, around us. On our kids and our pets - there is only one oil company than can assure me of the safety because of this:

Since this post is not solely about convention, I won't say too much other than it was our theme, and convention was well done this year!  

Then again, it was my first one, so I can't compare, but it was the highlight of my year!!  

We got to hear this guy speak:  

Yep, there he is.  The man. THE man.  Seriously THE MAN - ha!  Walkin' around on the "Live Your Passion" stage.  If you want an eye opener about what he has gone through, both in his life, his business, and how essential oils are what they are today - why everyone is copying this, Read This Book:  

Ho - lee cow.  I mean really - this is an eye opener, and so interesting, even if you are not a geeky researcher like me!  Ya, I live my passion all right. Be careful, or if you are like me, you'll have about a million books on this subject...

...and 3 or 4 more on the way, such as these 2...

You'll learn why distillers at YL farms look like this:

I got to take this picture!  Close up!  And now I know why part of the distiller is sideways!  But I am not telling you today because this is supposed to be about the new oil, Live Your Passion.

So, convention starts, and THE MAN addressed 25,000 of us.  Biggest Convention ever!  Read the book - the first few conventions may have had 25 people.  Anyway, the man spoke.  He spoke to us from his heart, and the joy he has is inspiring because there really is no quit in that man (Again, read that book!)

So, Gary gets up and he tells us a bit of his story, starting with how he made his first blend, RC, in 1985.  He brought up this lovely woman, Donna Riley, who came to see him in his health clinic back then, before Young Living.  She had been given two weeks to live, and he formulated RC along with ComfortTone and JuvaTone, and worked with her, getting her back to wellness.  Here is it, 2016, and she looks wonderful!  

As Gary went on to tell us how Young Living plants seeds in Human life, that they "Share and Care people" and it's not about the "Sharing and Caring of Money", my heart swelled.  I have sensed this from day one.  Just last night, we got a message from corporate about certain oils being out of stock because some of the oils have been "temperamental".  (Again, read the book to see why they even care!) This means that if the crop and distillation is not perfect, it's not used.  Gary will not allow a sub-standard oil for profit. He won't take that risk as it's too risky for us!   Good for us that so many oils address the exact same things!  We just get lazy and want to keep using the same things :)  We don't always want to try a different one.  

And then, Gary began talking about our newest blend, Live Your Passion.

What is in Live Your Passion, and why?  Here is what Gary told us about the oils he chose for this blend and their purpose in it.  Remember, each oil has many uses, but these is why he chose them for LYP:

Orange: I love Orange! It's used all over in my home!  For this Gary chose it because it invokes feelings of our childhood.
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood:  Ooh!  I don't own this one yet!  I hope to budget enough $$ for it soon! It's amazing, and I'm so glad it's in this blend! Gary chose it because among many things RHS is anchoring and grounding.
Nutmeg: Another perennial fave it the Reinsma home, one one of the reasons I love it is because it's well known to assist our endocrine system and our energy. What I did not know is that it enhances passion! (Maybe I should NOT diffuse this every night hee hee!)
Lime: Boy, no wonder I love this stuff. I love Lime!  Which was chosen as it complements Orange in those feeling of childhood.
Idaho Blue Spruce:  Enhances masculine energy (courage) in both sexes.
Northern Lights Black Spruce: Ah, a second "power hitter" Spruce oil, a very special oil from YL's Northern Lights Farm, used in so much.  For this blend, Gary chose it to complement Idaho Blue Spruce, and to balance male/female energy.  That's a good idea when living our passion. Sometime we have to really fight for it don't we!
Ylang Ylang: For romance. Not like you might think - but as we court our passion in life, it's like a dance, like a romance. You love it, you hate it, but you have to have very strong feelings for it or it won't work!
Frankincense:  Ah, my buddy Frank.  Frank is a freaking miracle!  Under appreciated, used too little in life in my opinion, Gary used this oil for this blend because of how it enhances our creative, spiritual sides.
Peppermint:  Ah Peppermint. One thing I forget to add in my original Peppermint post is that it's a driving oil.  I like to add it as the top oil in a layering approach to drive it all in. Gary chose it for this oil to enhance and drive the effects of all the other oils in the set.  

Yep - got this baby in my diffuser right now!  It's wonderful!  

Diffuse it
Apply it to your wrists*
Apply to back of neck*
Put it in a diffuser necklace
Put a drop right in the middle of your head
Just open up that bottle and take a nice big deep breath.

*use carrier oil if necessary

Those are a few ways to enjoy and appreciate this fabulous oil!  

If you still need your Premium Starter Kit, I still have ONE more 20% off voucher!  Just email me at and we'll chat!  It expires August 31, so hurry!  

Signing off now, with a shot of me and some pals at convention:  

I'm the "monkey in the middle".  That happens a lot when you are 5'2"!  

Monday, July 25, 2016

Big Daddy Beard Oil!

Beard Oil

It's the middle of summer, and we just are getting over the hottest weekend we have had here in Chicagoland this year.   And I am putting up a Beard Oil recipe....

But, I  have noticed that dudes with beards sport those things all summer, so why not lol!

Fellas, if you insist on keeping that handsome furry face, keep it looking snazzy! A well tamed beard will go far :D  Plus, this combo smells AMAZING! 

Cedarwood has been documented in many places to be a great friend to hair Plus, it's a comforting, manly scent that is also relaxing.  Bergamot is a lovely citrus oilthat is also a very uplifting scent!  Peppermint is invigorating!

Here is how you can get the Essential Oils to go in this blend!

Stay furry and soft my friend...

Friday, July 15, 2016

Progessence Plus, Menopause and Intimacy

Progessence Plus

Have you recently started using Young Living Essential oils? If so, you may have started to hear chatter on this amazing serum called Progessence Plus, or P+ for those of us who get sick of typing the whole thing out lol! 

What is it?  Do I need it?  Well folks, this one is for the girls! And girls, you need it!

Ya fella's, not an oil for you.  What guy reads a blog anyway right?  Ok, well if you are an oily guy - first of all, I applaud you!  Secondly, move along now...

It's said that any female from that terrible horrible day that she starts menstruating until the day she takes her last breath can benefit from P+.  Now, I am not a medical professional, genetic or hormonal expert or even certified aromatherapist (that title  alone is questionable....) but I am an avid user of essential oils and have studied and researched much in the last 2 years.  I don't like to take an essential oil or serum unless I have a very good idea how it is made, if it is safe for me, and for a blend or serum, just what is in it.  I want to know how to take it safely and beneficially to me.  So in this post, I'll share what I know and am allowed to say, how I (and my daughter) have used it, and how it has worked for us.

Let's start with what it IS:  

Young Living markets this on their site a a facial serum, and for many, it will definitely benefit your skin!  Not only because of the skin oils in it, but also because of the Wild Yam extract.  This product has helped me, in menopause, and my daughter as a teenager by letting the Wild Yam extract do it's thing to balance our hormones.  If you study natural products like essential oils, you will learn that they work to bring balance in our bodies, which is so much better than trying to synthetically dump stuff in us to try to achieve balance! Synthetics don't know how to intuitively work with our amazing bodies.  So when you just pour something in like that, you have to guess, test, and possibly suffer from adverse side effects.  Why not let our bodies work with natural substances!  

My daughter had the typical teenage woes from hormones, and we all rejoiced when she started her p+!.  I, on other hand, was not your typical menopausal woman. Hot flashes were few, mood swings were, well - there - but I was preeetttyyyy much able to control them. Ok, maybe not ALL the time according to my husband, but anyway....the biggest problem he and I BOTH had with menopause was with.... sex.  Yes,  the kids were pretty much out of the house - a lot -  (yeah!) and we finally had more time "to ourselves", and then - this.  As I would say "the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak"  :D Yep, I'd be all ready to go but, eh.   

Girlfriends, this is the conversation I have THE MOST with women my age regarding oils and hormanes.  I am 53, and as women my age know, we are not DEAD in bed lol!  So ugh - just ugh. That's what sex became.  I enjoyed being together with my husband, and tried OTC products to help with the vaginal dryness (you know, all those fancy funky "lubes" - the ones with the crafty commercials showing success (hee hee) but they don't help the "experience".  You know - the best part!    My poor husband would say things like "You were just phoning that one in,right? "  And "Thanks for trying, but it's better if we both enjoy it".  Sweet man - seriously!  I am thankful he cares!  

So, I read about P+ and thought I would give it a try! It arrived, and I used it like the directions said - 2 - 4 drops on my forearms twice a day.  I like to tell my female friends that it takes about one cycle to see the results, or if you no longer menstruate, about a month. I would say in about 3 weeks, there was bedroom success!!  LOL!  

As for how it works and why, that I am not at liberty to say, but I have some great video's for you to watch by people that say it better than I!  

Here is a short video regarding P+ and Progesterone:  Watch  (but to order, go here)

Here is my favorite Chiropractor/Body systems expert, Dr. JimBob Haggerton  Watch

Here is my favorite teacher, Dr. Danette Goodyear. There is a bit of marketing in it, but watch it anyway as it's great info!

So, there you have it from this side of life lol!  And P+ is FREE in July with a 300pv ER order ! Can you believe it?  One year ago it was out of stock so much that when it popped in, servers at Young Living would go down with everyone flocking to get it!  But now that Frankincense (one of the essential oils in it) is back in good supply, we are not worrying this year! Good thing (my husband agrees!)


Thursday, July 14, 2016



It's Lavender time!  July is a great month for Lavender.  We're all kinda "chill" now as it's mid Lavender is THE oil to have on you at all times in the summer!  

And just in time Young Living's July promo is allllll about the Lav!!

I wrote my never ending love for Lavender last year...go take a look!  Last month, I went to the Young Living International Grand Convention at the end of June, just before "Lavender Days" in Mona Utah, as they celebrate the Lavender Harvest!  

Visiting a Young Living Farm has been the highlight of my year!  But that is a story for another day.  I've been a little busy since returning from convention, which is why I got this July promo up here on July 14   (gulp!)

My friends got together and decided to name just a "few" things you do with one of those 3 lovely bottles of Lavender that you can get with a 190pv Essential Rewards order.  Here they are!

With a 250pv order, you get a voucher you can share with a friend for THEIR new Premium Starter Kit! And just in time for that, I have a Facebook Class designed just for your curious friend!  It's Saturday July 16, and you can access it from my Facebook page and also right here:

I hope you can come!  Participation prizes will be available...just sayin'.

Next up:  Progessence Plus! (Coming soon!)