Monday, June 27, 2016

SALE!!! Yippty Do Dah!!! :D


Raise your hands, who loves sales?  C'mon now - you KNOW you do. I see you.  We all do.  Get that hand up - stop pretending you like spending more money ;)

Hey, I am just off of the Young Living convention and I am still so, well, everything! Pumped, emotional, excited, tired, dealing with a mess of a house but don't care, wishing I was back - you name it!!

But today, I am talkin' to you about saving a bit of money on your Premium Starter kit!!  

Yep - second sale this MONTH!  Wow!  But THIS time, it's not just for everyone, it's only for you very special new members!  

And the next 5 people who get a new kit at this sale get this free gift!!

Ooh - that's awesome!  I tell everyone at my classes that not only did I pay full price for my kit, agree to wait forever to get it (those days are over thank goodness), I did not get a free book, labels or gift of any kind as my sponsor was just starting out!  But yours isn't - she has been at this for 2 years.  She has lots of info for you and can "gift".  I hear she is really great!  (hee hee)

So, let me be your sponsor - I love sharing and helping, long after you have invested the money.  Plus, my heart is so full after convention - you will not want to miss the things I will put onto the screen soon.  Young Living - there just is no comparison!