Friday, June 3, 2016

June 2016 "I Love Summer" Promo's!

June 2016 Promo's!

Here are the JUNE 2016 promo's!  Earned by reaching certain product value levels on your order.  Sweet!  Watch soon for articles on each item so you can learn how to use them!  (Or even MORE ways how to use them!)

Do you understand "ER points"?  That stands for Essential Rewards, which is Young Living's generous and easy to use (and love!) auto ship process.  You can change what you get every single month!  If you use oils, it's the way to go as you know you'll run out of your faves, and this way, using auto-ship, you get 10% BACK!  You also get extra free stuff on certain order levels, shown above (this month it's AromaEase!). On higher PV orders, you also get 20 EXTRA points.  Know what that means?  $20 to spend on an oil order!!!!  

If you still need your starter kit, just head over to the left here and click "Best Way To Begin" 

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