Monday, June 20, 2016

Joy! To the Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea, Joy to You and Me :D

An Essential Oil called "Joy"

If you have ever been to one of my groovy essential oil classes (they are awesome - try to get to one!), you will see me open up the essential oil starter kit and begin to share with you the wonders of Lemon, then Lavender, then Peppermint and eventually I get to an oil called R.C.  At that point, I say that the oils spoken of up until now have all been named for their plant origins, but that there is no plant called "R.C."

Ah - clever.  Really, it is - I am opening your mind to how essential oils are used!  Single oils are for many things that you want to specifically wish to address, such as Lavender, but the Essential Oil masters, such as D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living, have studied for years about specific oils to blend, and ways to blend them, for our benefit.  It's more complicated than "lets try a little of this with a little of that", although many of us do that for sure, and it's ok!  Really!  But it's trial and error, and when a blend is created, someone else tried and failed and then succeeded.

Such is the origin of Joy.

It's a powerful blend of amazing oils, all carefully blended to bring this glorious oil to fruition!  

I first encountered this oil in 2014 with the starter kits available at the time.  Touted at the class Itended as a "romantic" oil, I immediately told Randy the Reluctant Oiler (my dear hubby) that oils can be used for sex!  Nothin' brings a guy on board with oils faster than sex lol!  Now - bear in mind! Essential oils are used for mood, not for, "lube", so don't hurt yourself  - finish this article!  Diffused or applied to the inside of the ankles and perhaps behind the ears are the suggestions here people!  

Ok, well, this is what happened:  

Randy the Reluctant Oiler was not impressed with the scent of Joy, Bwaaahhaaaaahhaha!  Like any man, he waited to "after" to fill me in on that - ha!  And it's Ok!  I love him anyway!  We just don't use Joy for THAT!

However, as an emotional oil for bringing about Joy, this oil is fabulous.  I work for my husband, and he is pretty high strung.  He's successful and driven and can accomplish amazing things, including driving me crazy, and there are time he has seen me take this oil than he isn't fond of and watched me roll it on my neck and heart.  He will immediately question why, and I tell him it’s because of all the time I spend with him  - LOL!!

 If you ever went to Sunday School. you sang the song "Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart!  Where?" (and so on...) Great place to apply Joy!  I also apply it to the bottoms of me feet to address those vita-flex points reflexologists use.  It works!  I calm down and can literally feel that bp dropping!  I think it smells wonderful 

So let's break down the oils in the blend, as they apply to Joy: 

Bergamot:  For me, the "t" is silent - you?  I think I am fancy I guess.  Christopher Columbus is thought to have brought this to Bergamo in Northern Italy, so hence my pronunciation.  I could be wrong.  Won't be the fist time ;)  It's the big part of Earl Grey tea, and is actually the first known eau de cologne. That make sense as it smells fabulous!  Among it's many properties, it's known for it's mood lifting. This is a citrus oil - cold pressed from the rind.  It's GLORIOUS!  A very happy oil!  I love diffusing this straight - it just makes me happy!  No wonder it's in Joy!!
Ylang Ylang:  Another conundrum in the pronunciation field:  Is it E-lang E-lang or Ya-lang Ya-lang?  I have done both!  (I think it's "E")  Young Living grows this beauty in Ecuador.  It's almost exclusively an emotional oil, calming, balancing and among it's many attributes, it can promote a felling of calm and peace.
Geranium: Geranium is a powerhouse oil, used for many things, but in this blend it's primary use would be to help you release any negative feelings you are holding on to, including all that tension we all let build up in a busy day.
Lemon and also Tangerine:  Again, many uses for citrus oils but they are all just "happy oils! In face Lemon has been proven to be a happy oil. I tried it to see and it works on me!  
Coriander:  Another soothing and calming oil - like a gentle sedative. 
Jasmine:  Ok, Jasmine is special!  It's more of an "essence" than an essential oil, and it's one of the YL oils that is considered and absolute.  Young Living extracts it in the safest possible way.  Historically, it's been called the "Queen of the Night"!  ooh laa laa!  A seductive fragrance, it can help indifference. Hmmm.. Helpful, I am sure!
Roman Chamomile:  Ok, this list just gets better and better!  I you have not yet smelld Roman Chamomile, you should. It's just so pretty!  Great for so much, and emotionally, it's also calming and can help you sleep!  It's in the YL blend of Tranquil.  This oil has been used for centuries to calm babies and their stressed out Momma's!
Palmarosa:  For this blend, it was chosen for it's ability to help with stress, tension and insecurity, not to mention, the exhaustion nervous energy creates.
Rose:  As Rose! One of YL's most valued oils!  It takes like a mountain of petals to make a gallon of Rose Essential oil, so it's an oil most of us oiler just do not buy on its own. I am thankful Young Living will put it in blends FOR me.  Simply put, for this blend, it's included because your heart responds well to it, and loves it.  

So, that is Joy!  It's special!  And it's part of the June 2016 promo, so if you have not tried it yet, you could try to score some for free!  It's a  Joyful, Happy scent.  Joy to the World....all the boys and girls...Joy to the World....Joy for you and me....