Friday, June 17, 2016

AromaEase Essential Oil. Happy Tummy Happy Life!

AromaEase Essential Oil.  Happy Tummy Happy Life!

AromaEase:  This is a "new-ish" oil for Young Living.  I joined YL July of 2014 and it came out a few months later.  I had no idea what it was, and actually ordered in in error when I was trying to get AromaLife.  That happens!  I got the oil and still never really looked into it (translation: it sat in the oil collection until I "would need it") but then, someone told me they liked it better than Digize....

What?  That makes no sense......I had read in the 2015  product guide, which no listed the oil, that it would "provide feelings of calmness when used aromatically". 
ummm... that ain't no way to describe an oil like Digize! But smart oilers out there knew better!  AromaEase is pleasant in a spicy kinda way.  I can see if would induce feelings of an enjoyable shopping trip that included a spice shop or just about any store in your local "Chinatown".  (I have no idea why, but that's the scent memory I get from it-

Let's break down the oils in this blend:
Peppermint - which is awesome to make the tummy feel better and is incredibly uplifting.  (Remember Beeman's Gum?  I guess the Pepsin part was baloney, but all the Peppermint in it worked wonders!)
Spearmint - one of my absolute FAVE oils!  Same properties apply here - wonderful for digestion and for your gallbladder too!  Plus, smelling it just makes you feel happy!
Ginger - ah, Ginger is in it!  Maybe you have purchased Ginger in the produce section for various super-foody type of things.  Not the greatest tasting tho, is it lol!  Give it to me in an essential oil any day!  Well known for helping the gut, and that scent wakes you up for sure!
Cardamom - a centuries old "trick of the trade", called "Grains of Paradise" since the middle ages, listed in hundreds of ancient recipes for many things, including digestive aids.  And yes, aromatically uplifting as well.
Fennel - ok, this is not aromatically uplifting.  In fact is was once believed it could ward off evil spirits!  I guess so - it wards me off lol!  Not a fan of Fennel. Not the smell or the taste.  I actually leave it out of recipes.  It's in Digize, assisting in the interesting aroma of Digize, but it also assists in the incredible way both Digize and AromaEase work.

So, there you have it! Now you understand why many take it with on trips! This oil is nice for Motion Sickness, such as in the car, in the plane, on the roller coaster too!    

Your travelling companions will prefer you apply AromaEase when needed over Digize any day.  However, both work even better when layered with Peppermint over the top.  And the smell of Peppermint makes everyone happy!

One last tip:  Morning Sickness!  Just sayin'''

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