Monday, June 6, 2016

Abundance Essential Oil? Oh Come ON now!

Abundance Essential Oil?  Seriously??

Young Living has an essential oils called Abundance?  Oh come ON now - I know you weirdo's "love your oils" and all, but seriously - this is going a little overboard!  Yes, I have heard that, seen that said, watched serious arguments unfold on this, seen all kinds of nasty comments online on in the 3-D world, all over the name of this special essential oil.  And maybe that is why you landed on this page today.  So let me help you sort through a few thoughts!

I have been a Young Living member for 2 years now.  I did not go in blindly. I went to a class and took 2 weeks to think about this and look into essential oils.  I liked what I saw and bought my starter kit and thoroughly enjoyed the responses I had to the 11 oils in the kits.  Through my research I learned a ton (scroll through my articles for a bit of it!). I was so nicely surprised but how effective oiling is, that as I glanced through the catalog and read oil descriptions, such as the one for Abundance, I never once got in the great big hissy-fit tizzy some out there have!  I was going to maybe reference one or two of those, but decided not to drive more traffic so those diatribes lol!  

Yah, heard it ALL!  

Let's see, well, cult, witch-craft, evil, against scripture, "you are brainwashed", "drinking the Kool-Aide"....I have seen a friend brought to tears by another "friend" as he battered her over the head with his words regarding the name and description of this oil.  People get REALLY, REALLY heated on this!  It's one hot button!  It's really sad when people would rather just be miserable lol!  OK, Abundance essential oil is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the answer to the meaning of life. If you rub it all over you, you won't get rich or win lotto.  (If you do, you got lucky! Here's what Abundance essential oil IS:

Abundance essential oil is an oil blend which contains the following essential oils:

Orange - a great citrus oil full of d-limonene which does awesome things for your body but also happens to be a wonderfully uplifting scent!  Who does not love to smell Orange?
Frankincense - a highly valued oil from the beginning of time with properties that you should research - things scientifically recorded that still amaze researches to this day, but also a very spiritual oil used in meditation, worship and prayer.
Patchouli - oh come on now, you have all heard of Patchouli, that groovy chill-out oil.  Some of you over 55 think it smells like Pot. That's your issue lol!  After all, fragrance brings out remembered situations lol! But it does calm everything down and helps relax you so you can think clearly!  When not smoking something that is...
Clove - once upon a time, only the very wealthy possessed it. This oil is used in many things and is popular YL blends such as Thieves and Pan-Away, but mentally it's a stimulant and helps you think (and sleep!) clearly
Ginger - we know ginger is so good for our digestive system, blood and muscles and fragrantly, it is stimulating and can help you "face the day"
Myrhh - used by royalty, used in scripture, used in as many cool things you should search out in science journals, and also stimulates the limbic system of your brain
Cinnamon Bark - again, we know how important cinnamon is to our health, which is why it's part of oil blends like Thieves, and we LOVE how it tastes and smells!  It also stimulates our circulatory system, which give us that step-up we need!
Spruce - many uses including opening up those airways and helping you JUST BREATH right?  Think how much you enjoy being by a freshly cut Spruce tree.  That scent just draws you in, doesn't it.

All these oils, put together by essential oil masters - people who have studied these beautiful botanical extracts for years.  They know what they are doing, and they work hard to create these masterpieces!  So when I read in the Young Living Catalog a description like this:

    "Abundance (oils)....were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace..."  I don't conjure up images of witches or fairies ...


Abundance can help you both aromatically and physically by allowing you to get to an abundant mind-set, an abundant place in your spirit.  To be the best you, be secure in your abilities, be that YOU that people are attracted to in the first place, allowing you to do what you do best - best!  

Gary Young is a very emotional, passionate, spiritual man.  He speaks in that manner as well, as he is very aware of nature and it's beauty and purity, and how we are HELPED by it!  Does he believe in a super-natural power - yes!  I do too.  We both believe in God - the creator of nature, and of us.  I am a student of scripture and I pray and commune with the triune God daily.  Aspects of the Lord God, of Jesus, the Holy Spirit - these are bigger than I, more powerful, and they have created and sustain all life. My faith in God gives me boundaries and discernment, and no radar ever went up regarding any of the emotional, spiritual oils or descriptions.  Scents are powerful!  I held up Lavender for someone to sniff recently and she broke into tears due to what the scent immediately awoke in her!  And all I did was ask her to smell it lol!  We were not even discussing much!  But once again, I was reminded, and surprised, and what emotions a scent can elicit.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Abundance is special. It's also part of the June 2016 promo!  Well that's groovy!