Monday, June 27, 2016

SALE!!! Yippty Do Dah!!! :D


Raise your hands, who loves sales?  C'mon now - you KNOW you do. I see you.  We all do.  Get that hand up - stop pretending you like spending more money ;)

Hey, I am just off of the Young Living convention and I am still so, well, everything! Pumped, emotional, excited, tired, dealing with a mess of a house but don't care, wishing I was back - you name it!!

But today, I am talkin' to you about saving a bit of money on your Premium Starter kit!!  

Yep - second sale this MONTH!  Wow!  But THIS time, it's not just for everyone, it's only for you very special new members!  

And the next 5 people who get a new kit at this sale get this free gift!!

Ooh - that's awesome!  I tell everyone at my classes that not only did I pay full price for my kit, agree to wait forever to get it (those days are over thank goodness), I did not get a free book, labels or gift of any kind as my sponsor was just starting out!  But yours isn't - she has been at this for 2 years.  She has lots of info for you and can "gift".  I hear she is really great!  (hee hee)

So, let me be your sponsor - I love sharing and helping, long after you have invested the money.  Plus, my heart is so full after convention - you will not want to miss the things I will put onto the screen soon.  Young Living - there just is no comparison!  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Joy! To the Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea, Joy to You and Me :D

An Essential Oil called "Joy"

If you have ever been to one of my groovy essential oil classes (they are awesome - try to get to one!), you will see me open up the essential oil starter kit and begin to share with you the wonders of Lemon, then Lavender, then Peppermint and eventually I get to an oil called R.C.  At that point, I say that the oils spoken of up until now have all been named for their plant origins, but that there is no plant called "R.C."

Ah - clever.  Really, it is - I am opening your mind to how essential oils are used!  Single oils are for many things that you want to specifically wish to address, such as Lavender, but the Essential Oil masters, such as D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living, have studied for years about specific oils to blend, and ways to blend them, for our benefit.  It's more complicated than "lets try a little of this with a little of that", although many of us do that for sure, and it's ok!  Really!  But it's trial and error, and when a blend is created, someone else tried and failed and then succeeded.

Such is the origin of Joy.

It's a powerful blend of amazing oils, all carefully blended to bring this glorious oil to fruition!  

I first encountered this oil in 2014 with the starter kits available at the time.  Touted at the class Itended as a "romantic" oil, I immediately told Randy the Reluctant Oiler (my dear hubby) that oils can be used for sex!  Nothin' brings a guy on board with oils faster than sex lol!  Now - bear in mind! Essential oils are used for mood, not for, "lube", so don't hurt yourself  - finish this article!  Diffused or applied to the inside of the ankles and perhaps behind the ears are the suggestions here people!  

Ok, well, this is what happened:  

Randy the Reluctant Oiler was not impressed with the scent of Joy, Bwaaahhaaaaahhaha!  Like any man, he waited to "after" to fill me in on that - ha!  And it's Ok!  I love him anyway!  We just don't use Joy for THAT!

However, as an emotional oil for bringing about Joy, this oil is fabulous.  I work for my husband, and he is pretty high strung.  He's successful and driven and can accomplish amazing things, including driving me crazy, and there are time he has seen me take this oil than he isn't fond of and watched me roll it on my neck and heart.  He will immediately question why, and I tell him it’s because of all the time I spend with him  - LOL!!

 If you ever went to Sunday School. you sang the song "Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart!  Where?" (and so on...) Great place to apply Joy!  I also apply it to the bottoms of me feet to address those vita-flex points reflexologists use.  It works!  I calm down and can literally feel that bp dropping!  I think it smells wonderful 

So let's break down the oils in the blend, as they apply to Joy: 

Bergamot:  For me, the "t" is silent - you?  I think I am fancy I guess.  Christopher Columbus is thought to have brought this to Bergamo in Northern Italy, so hence my pronunciation.  I could be wrong.  Won't be the fist time ;)  It's the big part of Earl Grey tea, and is actually the first known eau de cologne. That make sense as it smells fabulous!  Among it's many properties, it's known for it's mood lifting. This is a citrus oil - cold pressed from the rind.  It's GLORIOUS!  A very happy oil!  I love diffusing this straight - it just makes me happy!  No wonder it's in Joy!!
Ylang Ylang:  Another conundrum in the pronunciation field:  Is it E-lang E-lang or Ya-lang Ya-lang?  I have done both!  (I think it's "E")  Young Living grows this beauty in Ecuador.  It's almost exclusively an emotional oil, calming, balancing and among it's many attributes, it can promote a felling of calm and peace.
Geranium: Geranium is a powerhouse oil, used for many things, but in this blend it's primary use would be to help you release any negative feelings you are holding on to, including all that tension we all let build up in a busy day.
Lemon and also Tangerine:  Again, many uses for citrus oils but they are all just "happy oils! In face Lemon has been proven to be a happy oil. I tried it to see and it works on me!  
Coriander:  Another soothing and calming oil - like a gentle sedative. 
Jasmine:  Ok, Jasmine is special!  It's more of an "essence" than an essential oil, and it's one of the YL oils that is considered and absolute.  Young Living extracts it in the safest possible way.  Historically, it's been called the "Queen of the Night"!  ooh laa laa!  A seductive fragrance, it can help indifference. Hmmm.. Helpful, I am sure!
Roman Chamomile:  Ok, this list just gets better and better!  I you have not yet smelld Roman Chamomile, you should. It's just so pretty!  Great for so much, and emotionally, it's also calming and can help you sleep!  It's in the YL blend of Tranquil.  This oil has been used for centuries to calm babies and their stressed out Momma's!
Palmarosa:  For this blend, it was chosen for it's ability to help with stress, tension and insecurity, not to mention, the exhaustion nervous energy creates.
Rose:  As Rose! One of YL's most valued oils!  It takes like a mountain of petals to make a gallon of Rose Essential oil, so it's an oil most of us oiler just do not buy on its own. I am thankful Young Living will put it in blends FOR me.  Simply put, for this blend, it's included because your heart responds well to it, and loves it.  

So, that is Joy!  It's special!  And it's part of the June 2016 promo, so if you have not tried it yet, you could try to score some for free!  It's a  Joyful, Happy scent.  Joy to the World....all the boys and girls...Joy to the World....Joy for you and me....

Friday, June 17, 2016

AromaEase Essential Oil. Happy Tummy Happy Life!

AromaEase Essential Oil.  Happy Tummy Happy Life!

AromaEase:  This is a "new-ish" oil for Young Living.  I joined YL July of 2014 and it came out a few months later.  I had no idea what it was, and actually ordered in in error when I was trying to get AromaLife.  That happens!  I got the oil and still never really looked into it (translation: it sat in the oil collection until I "would need it") but then, someone told me they liked it better than Digize....

What?  That makes no sense......I had read in the 2015  product guide, which no listed the oil, that it would "provide feelings of calmness when used aromatically". 
ummm... that ain't no way to describe an oil like Digize! But smart oilers out there knew better!  AromaEase is pleasant in a spicy kinda way.  I can see if would induce feelings of an enjoyable shopping trip that included a spice shop or just about any store in your local "Chinatown".  (I have no idea why, but that's the scent memory I get from it-

Let's break down the oils in this blend:
Peppermint - which is awesome to make the tummy feel better and is incredibly uplifting.  (Remember Beeman's Gum?  I guess the Pepsin part was baloney, but all the Peppermint in it worked wonders!)
Spearmint - one of my absolute FAVE oils!  Same properties apply here - wonderful for digestion and for your gallbladder too!  Plus, smelling it just makes you feel happy!
Ginger - ah, Ginger is in it!  Maybe you have purchased Ginger in the produce section for various super-foody type of things.  Not the greatest tasting tho, is it lol!  Give it to me in an essential oil any day!  Well known for helping the gut, and that scent wakes you up for sure!
Cardamom - a centuries old "trick of the trade", called "Grains of Paradise" since the middle ages, listed in hundreds of ancient recipes for many things, including digestive aids.  And yes, aromatically uplifting as well.
Fennel - ok, this is not aromatically uplifting.  In fact is was once believed it could ward off evil spirits!  I guess so - it wards me off lol!  Not a fan of Fennel. Not the smell or the taste.  I actually leave it out of recipes.  It's in Digize, assisting in the interesting aroma of Digize, but it also assists in the incredible way both Digize and AromaEase work.

So, there you have it! Now you understand why many take it with on trips! This oil is nice for Motion Sickness, such as in the car, in the plane, on the roller coaster too!    

Your travelling companions will prefer you apply AromaEase when needed over Digize any day.  However, both work even better when layered with Peppermint over the top.  And the smell of Peppermint makes everyone happy!

One last tip:  Morning Sickness!  Just sayin'''

This oil is also part of the June 2016 promo -you could score some for free!  Get your Oils here!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oils for Dudes! New ONLINE class - starts tonight!! June 15, 8pm, CST

Oils for Dudes!!
New ONLINE class -starts June 15, 8pm CST

My friends and are are SUPER excited about this fun new online class!!  This is a public FACEBOOK class and anyone can join!  My own husband, Randy the Reluctant Oiler, even agree to a short video!!  

We have ideas for men, so this class is for women too - especially if you have a reluctant oiler in your life like I do!  

But hey....

Yes they do!!

Ok, this class will go up "live" at 8 pm CST.  It will stay live until June 22 for you to view!  Don't miss it! Fun stuff, cool ideas -it's gonna be great!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

MindWise. What is it? Why do I need it?

MindWise.  What is it?  Why do I need it?

MindWise.  What is it?  I have been vaguely aware of this product since I started using Young Living products 2 years ago.  It's on the new side.  In fact, it's not even listed in my beloved Essential Oil Desk Reference by Life Science Publishing - one of books I rely on when I want to do a little research!  So, I had to do my own research! Good thing I get into that kinds stuff.  

If you just want a quick little bit, here is a video I did talking a bit about it, so those of you in a hurry - you go there lol!  For those who want a bit more, read on!

MindWise is a supplement in liquid form, and as the name suggests, it's for our Minds!  Memory and cognitive support etc.  As a bonus, this powerhouse happens to also be great for our hearts.  This product has the following ingredients as per Young Living's product guide:  MindWise™ combines exotic sacha inchi nut oil with a proprietary MindWise oil blend for a unique supplement that supports normal brain and heart function.* Harvested from the Peruvian Amazon, sacha inchi nuts are cold pressed to create a vegetarian oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and an unmatched percentage of desirable omega-3 fatty acids (α-Linolenic acid). Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and pure essential oils are added to complete the MindWise oil blend. The proprietary Memory blend features ALCAR, GPC, and bio-identical CoQ10, ingredients that have been studied for their beneficial health properties. Generous amounts of vitamin D3 and a unique delivery method create a premium supplement that supports normal memory function and overall cognitive and cardiovascular health.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
So, Sacha inchi nut oil....ok, sure, got that sitting on the shelves next to the olive oil right?  Ha!  This is an oil from the Peruvian Rain Forest.  Super high in unsaturated fatty acids with an un-matched percentage of those omega 3's we need!  

Here is a little more about the Sacha inchi nut
MindWise is also one of the few supplements that contain Tumeric, and if you pay attention to your healthier friends, you will notice their links on Facebook with articles touting the all-encompassing benefits of Tumeric!  
What else:  Well, Pomegranate Juice.  C'mon now - you don't need me explaining that stuff lol!  Plus, it taste GOOD, therefore, this will taste good too!  
One thing that caught my eye on the label was "bio-identical" CoQ10.  Hmm.  Now why describe it as such?  And what is CoQ10 anyway?  I know it's good for me, but if pressed, I would not have been much help! So, I looked up a few things....
CoQ10 is an co-enzyme.  K.  What's a co-enzyme?  It's a molecule that assists enzymes.  So what's an enzyme?  I mean really - if you want to make any sense of these words, you really gotta know what they are :D  Enzymes are catalysts in our bodies that speed things up.  Like "digestive enzymes".  I know you have heard THAT term and can relate to that process.  Enzymes have a lot of energy all sitting there ready to bust out, but can't without the "co" to get it work.  That molecule aids in the release and transfer of the energy, and CoQ10 is an enzyme that assists CELLULAR membrane health and induce cellular energy transfers. Our cells. All over our bods. Including brain cells. The brain takes a ton of energy to work well.  No surprise there! Every try to figure something out when dead-dog tired?  You can't - the energy is gone.  Even CoQ10 is sleeping - ha!  So when you have a supplement high in Omega 3 (brain food) and CoQ10, your brain gets a boost!  

So, why the bio-identic labeling.  We actually produce our own CoQ10, but it declines with age.  A synthetic may or may not help. In fact, I have read that many of the CoQ10 supplements are the market can't be assimilated by our unique systems, and therefore are just an "empty pill".  The CoQ10 in MindWise is KanekaQ10, and works as a bio-identical to the CoQ10 our bodies produce, enabling us to benefit well from this.  KanekaQ10 is yeast fermented, unlike many of the synthetic powdery pills out there which may be from bacteria and tobacco derivations.  Ick!!  

So, there's some Science for the day!  (If you want even more, go watch a real expert,  Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton's video.)  There are also some essential oils and other things in MindWise, all designed to rev up that noggin (and heart!).  Take as directed:  2 TBSP the first 7 -10 days, 1 T a day after that.  Don't let the weird look freak you out - it's supposed to look like this!  

Now, if you place an Essential Rewards order this month for 300pv, you get this product FREE!  That really something as this product is not cheap.  You get it with the other goodies shown here:  

Still haven't tried oils yet but are ready now?  Click Here

Friday, June 10, 2016


10% off of STARTER KITS

June 10 ONLY!

Yes - 10% off of ANY starter kit!  Newbies, seasoned oilers - everyone!  


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer FUN Online Oily Class!!! June 9!

Summer FUN online class!!

Yep - we have a FUN online class filled with ways to best utilize your beloved Young Living Essential Oils!  

Join me throughout the day on June 9 pm this Link!


I will be loading up this class on June 9, but it stays open for one full week!  There are already a ton of recipes and ideas that have been pre-loaded for your to view and download to your hearts' content.  

The NEXT online class is gonna be a fun new idea, and we'll announce that one at the end of the Summer FUN class!  

Join me live at 8 pm CST via this link:

Monday, June 6, 2016

Abundance Essential Oil? Oh Come ON now!

Abundance Essential Oil?  Seriously??

Young Living has an essential oils called Abundance?  Oh come ON now - I know you weirdo's "love your oils" and all, but seriously - this is going a little overboard!  Yes, I have heard that, seen that said, watched serious arguments unfold on this, seen all kinds of nasty comments online on in the 3-D world, all over the name of this special essential oil.  And maybe that is why you landed on this page today.  So let me help you sort through a few thoughts!

I have been a Young Living member for 2 years now.  I did not go in blindly. I went to a class and took 2 weeks to think about this and look into essential oils.  I liked what I saw and bought my starter kit and thoroughly enjoyed the responses I had to the 11 oils in the kits.  Through my research I learned a ton (scroll through my articles for a bit of it!). I was so nicely surprised but how effective oiling is, that as I glanced through the catalog and read oil descriptions, such as the one for Abundance, I never once got in the great big hissy-fit tizzy some out there have!  I was going to maybe reference one or two of those, but decided not to drive more traffic so those diatribes lol!  

Yah, heard it ALL!  

Let's see, well, cult, witch-craft, evil, against scripture, "you are brainwashed", "drinking the Kool-Aide"....I have seen a friend brought to tears by another "friend" as he battered her over the head with his words regarding the name and description of this oil.  People get REALLY, REALLY heated on this!  It's one hot button!  It's really sad when people would rather just be miserable lol!  OK, Abundance essential oil is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the answer to the meaning of life. If you rub it all over you, you won't get rich or win lotto.  (If you do, you got lucky! Here's what Abundance essential oil IS:

Abundance essential oil is an oil blend which contains the following essential oils:

Orange - a great citrus oil full of d-limonene which does awesome things for your body but also happens to be a wonderfully uplifting scent!  Who does not love to smell Orange?
Frankincense - a highly valued oil from the beginning of time with properties that you should research - things scientifically recorded that still amaze researches to this day, but also a very spiritual oil used in meditation, worship and prayer.
Patchouli - oh come on now, you have all heard of Patchouli, that groovy chill-out oil.  Some of you over 55 think it smells like Pot. That's your issue lol!  After all, fragrance brings out remembered situations lol! But it does calm everything down and helps relax you so you can think clearly!  When not smoking something that is...
Clove - once upon a time, only the very wealthy possessed it. This oil is used in many things and is popular YL blends such as Thieves and Pan-Away, but mentally it's a stimulant and helps you think (and sleep!) clearly
Ginger - we know ginger is so good for our digestive system, blood and muscles and fragrantly, it is stimulating and can help you "face the day"
Myrhh - used by royalty, used in scripture, used in as many cool things you should search out in science journals, and also stimulates the limbic system of your brain
Cinnamon Bark - again, we know how important cinnamon is to our health, which is why it's part of oil blends like Thieves, and we LOVE how it tastes and smells!  It also stimulates our circulatory system, which give us that step-up we need!
Spruce - many uses including opening up those airways and helping you JUST BREATH right?  Think how much you enjoy being by a freshly cut Spruce tree.  That scent just draws you in, doesn't it.

All these oils, put together by essential oil masters - people who have studied these beautiful botanical extracts for years.  They know what they are doing, and they work hard to create these masterpieces!  So when I read in the Young Living Catalog a description like this:

    "Abundance (oils)....were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace..."  I don't conjure up images of witches or fairies ...


Abundance can help you both aromatically and physically by allowing you to get to an abundant mind-set, an abundant place in your spirit.  To be the best you, be secure in your abilities, be that YOU that people are attracted to in the first place, allowing you to do what you do best - best!  

Gary Young is a very emotional, passionate, spiritual man.  He speaks in that manner as well, as he is very aware of nature and it's beauty and purity, and how we are HELPED by it!  Does he believe in a super-natural power - yes!  I do too.  We both believe in God - the creator of nature, and of us.  I am a student of scripture and I pray and commune with the triune God daily.  Aspects of the Lord God, of Jesus, the Holy Spirit - these are bigger than I, more powerful, and they have created and sustain all life. My faith in God gives me boundaries and discernment, and no radar ever went up regarding any of the emotional, spiritual oils or descriptions.  Scents are powerful!  I held up Lavender for someone to sniff recently and she broke into tears due to what the scent immediately awoke in her!  And all I did was ask her to smell it lol!  We were not even discussing much!  But once again, I was reminded, and surprised, and what emotions a scent can elicit.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Abundance is special. It's also part of the June 2016 promo!  Well that's groovy!

Friday, June 3, 2016

June 2016 "I Love Summer" Promo's!

June 2016 Promo's!

Here are the JUNE 2016 promo's!  Earned by reaching certain product value levels on your order.  Sweet!  Watch soon for articles on each item so you can learn how to use them!  (Or even MORE ways how to use them!)

Do you understand "ER points"?  That stands for Essential Rewards, which is Young Living's generous and easy to use (and love!) auto ship process.  You can change what you get every single month!  If you use oils, it's the way to go as you know you'll run out of your faves, and this way, using auto-ship, you get 10% BACK!  You also get extra free stuff on certain order levels, shown above (this month it's AromaEase!). On higher PV orders, you also get 20 EXTRA points.  Know what that means?  $20 to spend on an oil order!!!!  

If you still need your starter kit, just head over to the left here and click "Best Way To Begin" 

Next article:  Abundance Essentail Oil