Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is Melrose Essential Oil?

Melrose Essential Oil - what is it??

Melrose?  What is it?  Is there a flower called Melrose?  There was a show called "Melrose Place" (I am REALLY dating myself!!) I live in Chicagoland - there is a town called Melrose Park....the dictionary says says "honey of roses" there Rose oil in it?   Well, no.....

This is an article about Young Living's Melrose Essential Oil, and the name can be confusing, I'll admit!  I meant to write this article weeks ago, as Melrose is one of the FREE oils you'll get with qualifying orders in May, but, well, life got in the way!  But no matter, you still need to learn about Melrose!  

Melrose is definitely a great skin oil.  Young Living's May 2016 promo's are all about the skin, so this fits perfectly.  Melrose is a blend of Melaleuca Alternifolia (aka Tea Tree), Naouli, (also spelled Niaouli),  which is also known as Melaleuca quinquenervia,  (because complicated is fun!) Rosemary and Clove!  Ah - Clove! That oil that is in Thieves and Pan-Away too. The smell you smell in every Dental office - Clove!  No wonder it's soothing as this graphic suggests.  

Ok, so to break down the blend...Mel A is well known for skin issues, but did you know it can also support the respiratory system? Mel Q not so much!  But Melaleuca Quinquenervia is known for inflamed skin, balancing skin and even can mimic male hormones....hmm, how about that!  Rosemary - ah!  The name makes SENSE now!  Two Melalauca's and some Rosemary!  Well we all know Rosemary is an herb, not a flower, and the scent of this oil will be in line with that.  It's not one you want for flowering up the place :D  So, what's Rosemary good for?  Many things, but to name a few, it supports skin.  It's excellent in a home-made deodorant!  Great for organ cleansing, so applying this topically is a good idea- right in your mid body - the center.  Rosemary is also known for Mental Clarity and concentration.  A drop on the head, diffused or even on those feet will help you for sure.

So, to recap - when ya gonna grab Melrose?

1.  Skin stuff.  Apply in a balm you have made, in YL's Animal Scents, or diluted with a carrier oil.  If you use straight, just test to be sure.  If your skin is under great stress, even from radiation, Melrose can help you!
2.  For "brain fog":  Sniff it straight from the jar.  Diffuse (add a citrus oil and make it better yet!). A drop on the head, rubbed into your feet - all good options!
3.  Lung Support.
4.  Clearing the air:  Diffuse it to grace your space.  

Melrose is an oil you want in your daily arsenal.  Ready to get started?  Contact me.  Thanks!