Thursday, May 12, 2016

Manuka Essential Oil

Let's talk about Manuka!

What is Manuka Essential Oil?  

Bear in mind - I am only speaking about oils by Young Living. Why?  Because of this:  

There is no other company that can claim ALL of this!  And THIS is why I confidently tell you what I am about to say, and what I say in every other piece I write.  

So, let's talk Manuka!  

Manuka is definitely a skin care oil!  (But wait, there's more!) I love to read about essential oils by the masters of the craft, and one of my favorite books is This one  

The author may not share the French/German protocols I follow (but then again, he does not have access to the purest of oils...) but he gives a lot of good advice and plenty of insight with research (gotta have research!), and one of my favorites is that if the plant "has a face"  (flower) it's good for the face!  Manuka is a flowering plant.  The oil comes from the stems and leaves.  So apply diluted to the face (50/50), add to a facial serum you create with grape seed oil, add to a scent free pure moisturizer too.  Experiment!  You can add to your home-made deodorant, or just apply "straight" in a pinch!  Add a little to shampoo too.  Achy muscle, distressed skin - all may respond well to Manuka!

When you first open your bottle of Manuka, it has a VERY strong "top note", but as soon as it hits the air, it fades into a lovely scent!  Just give it a second to breathe, like fine wine :)  It's a great one to diffuse - alone or with another floral of choice.  Manuka is a great emotional oil, and applied to back of neck and ears it can help you!  Diffusing it will do the same.  Sometimes you get different responses from diffused verses applied oils - so see how you do.  It can even help you SLEEP!!!

  Do you like to experiment with home-made perfumes?  The book above has ideas, but your nose is good too!  I like to use a small sprayer, add a few drops of oils to try, then fill up the rest of the way with a splash of vodka or rubbing alcohol and some water.  It's fun!  Just don't wast your oils - a little of a strong oil like Young Living's oils will go a long way!

Hey - guess what!  It's also a FREE oil with the May Promo's!