Saturday, May 14, 2016

Essential Oil Starter Guide

An Essential Oil Starter Guide

Are essential oils a fad?
Is this just an expensive way to scent my home?
Are essential oils safe?

Maybe those are some of the questions you have!  

Are they a fad?  NO!!  The earlier recorded writings contain references to them, such as Frankincense, Hyssop, Cedarwood and Myrhh, plus more

Is this just expensive home scenting? Well, maybe if you chose other companies that sell them only to scent..... BUT, Young Living oils are meant for topical and internal applications as well, and they have been approved for such use.

Are Essential Oils safe?  Not all of them!  Be careful!  Select the best and the safest, for there are a LAT of knock offs out there!  

Here are slides for you too look at and enjoy.  The video version of this is on the right of the page under Meet your New Best Friends, but here are slides as well!  Take a look, and stick with me!  I will help you stay safe and informed - and USING your investment!  (Which will save you money on the long run....just stick with me, I'll guide you through that!)