Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is Melrose Essential Oil?

Melrose Essential Oil - what is it??

Melrose?  What is it?  Is there a flower called Melrose?  There was a show called "Melrose Place" (I am REALLY dating myself!!) I live in Chicagoland - there is a town called Melrose Park....the dictionary says says "honey of roses" there Rose oil in it?   Well, no.....

This is an article about Young Living's Melrose Essential Oil, and the name can be confusing, I'll admit!  I meant to write this article weeks ago, as Melrose is one of the FREE oils you'll get with qualifying orders in May, but, well, life got in the way!  But no matter, you still need to learn about Melrose!  

Melrose is definitely a great skin oil.  Young Living's May 2016 promo's are all about the skin, so this fits perfectly.  Melrose is a blend of Melaleuca Alternifolia (aka Tea Tree), Naouli, (also spelled Niaouli),  which is also known as Melaleuca quinquenervia,  (because complicated is fun!) Rosemary and Clove!  Ah - Clove! That oil that is in Thieves and Pan-Away too. The smell you smell in every Dental office - Clove!  No wonder it's soothing as this graphic suggests.  

Ok, so to break down the blend...Mel A is well known for skin issues, but did you know it can also support the respiratory system? Mel Q not so much!  But Melaleuca Quinquenervia is known for inflamed skin, balancing skin and even can mimic male hormones....hmm, how about that!  Rosemary - ah!  The name makes SENSE now!  Two Melalauca's and some Rosemary!  Well we all know Rosemary is an herb, not a flower, and the scent of this oil will be in line with that.  It's not one you want for flowering up the place :D  So, what's Rosemary good for?  Many things, but to name a few, it supports skin.  It's excellent in a home-made deodorant!  Great for organ cleansing, so applying this topically is a good idea- right in your mid body - the center.  Rosemary is also known for Mental Clarity and concentration.  A drop on the head, diffused or even on those feet will help you for sure.

So, to recap - when ya gonna grab Melrose?

1.  Skin stuff.  Apply in a balm you have made, in YL's Animal Scents, or diluted with a carrier oil.  If you use straight, just test to be sure.  If your skin is under great stress, even from radiation, Melrose can help you!
2.  For "brain fog":  Sniff it straight from the jar.  Diffuse (add a citrus oil and make it better yet!). A drop on the head, rubbed into your feet - all good options!
3.  Lung Support.
4.  Clearing the air:  Diffuse it to grace your space.  

Melrose is an oil you want in your daily arsenal.  Ready to get started?  Contact me.  Thanks!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Essential Oil Starter Guide

An Essential Oil Starter Guide

Are essential oils a fad?
Is this just an expensive way to scent my home?
Are essential oils safe?

Maybe those are some of the questions you have!  

Are they a fad?  NO!!  The earlier recorded writings contain references to them, such as Frankincense, Hyssop, Cedarwood and Myrhh, plus more

Is this just expensive home scenting? Well, maybe if you chose other companies that sell them only to scent..... BUT, Young Living oils are meant for topical and internal applications as well, and they have been approved for such use.

Are Essential Oils safe?  Not all of them!  Be careful!  Select the best and the safest, for there are a LAT of knock offs out there!  

Here are slides for you too look at and enjoy.  The video version of this is on the right of the page under Meet your New Best Friends, but here are slides as well!  Take a look, and stick with me!  I will help you stay safe and informed - and USING your investment!  (Which will save you money on the long run....just stick with me, I'll guide you through that!)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Manuka Essential Oil

Let's talk about Manuka!

What is Manuka Essential Oil?  

Bear in mind - I am only speaking about oils by Young Living. Why?  Because of this:  

There is no other company that can claim ALL of this!  And THIS is why I confidently tell you what I am about to say, and what I say in every other piece I write.  

So, let's talk Manuka!  

Manuka is definitely a skin care oil!  (But wait, there's more!) I love to read about essential oils by the masters of the craft, and one of my favorite books is This one  

The author may not share the French/German protocols I follow (but then again, he does not have access to the purest of oils...) but he gives a lot of good advice and plenty of insight with research (gotta have research!), and one of my favorites is that if the plant "has a face"  (flower) it's good for the face!  Manuka is a flowering plant.  The oil comes from the stems and leaves.  So apply diluted to the face (50/50), add to a facial serum you create with grape seed oil, add to a scent free pure moisturizer too.  Experiment!  You can add to your home-made deodorant, or just apply "straight" in a pinch!  Add a little to shampoo too.  Achy muscle, distressed skin - all may respond well to Manuka!

When you first open your bottle of Manuka, it has a VERY strong "top note", but as soon as it hits the air, it fades into a lovely scent!  Just give it a second to breathe, like fine wine :)  It's a great one to diffuse - alone or with another floral of choice.  Manuka is a great emotional oil, and applied to back of neck and ears it can help you!  Diffusing it will do the same.  Sometimes you get different responses from diffused verses applied oils - so see how you do.  It can even help you SLEEP!!!

  Do you like to experiment with home-made perfumes?  The book above has ideas, but your nose is good too!  I like to use a small sprayer, add a few drops of oils to try, then fill up the rest of the way with a splash of vodka or rubbing alcohol and some water.  It's fun!  Just don't wast your oils - a little of a strong oil like Young Living's oils will go a long way!

Hey - guess what!  It's also a FREE oil with the May Promo's!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Young Living's Fabulous May Promo's! Just for you, Mom!

Just for you, Mom!  

Wow, Young Living has pulled out the stops!  Husbands and kids, listen to MOM!  She wants more oils, she wants another diffuser, she wants quality skin care that won't harm but will make her even more beautiful!  

Wow! The PV levels have been adjusted just for May, so if you are used to "getting to 300", you'll need to "get to 325" in your PV total for your order, but the 190 and 250's have not changed!  

I'll write more later about the oils, one by one.  I LOVE learning about my oils so I'd rather spend time on each one as I think you love that too!  But what about these promo's, huh?  In the "old" days (last year) we might get one or two 5 ml oils, maybe some more ER points offered at the pv levels, perhaps a supplement or a nutritional product, but never, ever a diffuser or an entire skin care trio!!!!!!!!!! YL did have a very generous program called OIL that gave us extra points, but it was pretty confusing lol!  I rocked the socks off it and was sad when they closed it, but they promised more, and they are delivering more for sure with promo's like THIS!!!!

So, why do we like this?  Well the oils are skin care oils!  Pairing well for sure with that skin care line!  Young Living is known for high quality skin care products, and the skin care line of course has their unmatched in quality essential oils. But it's not an overwhelming amount, and the oils are the only scent in them.  Other companies mask their skin care with fragrance (to mask the smell of the products in them).  That's not a good thing as fragrance is not a natural anything.  In other words, if the label reads "fragrance", know that is a chemically produced compound.  If it were a botanical, that botanical would be listed instead.  

ART's gentle foaming cleanser is just that - a gentle and foaming cleanser.  A very little goes a long way, and it will clean your face but not strip the skin.

The Toner has alcohol but also grape seed and Aloe Vera and essential oils, and it does not leave your face dry, but rather nicely "toned".

ART's light moisturizer is good for ALL skin types, dry, balanced or oily.  Nice!  It sinks right in and is also infused with perfect skin essential oils.

To top off a skin care home run, Young Living has an additional sale on some other great skin are products!  And, if you are on Essential Rewards and have your order be processed by May 5 (hit manually process today), you get these on ER!!  That will get you pv points towards this sale as well as ER points for future orders of course!  #winwin!

Mom's gonna be all glowing now :D

So, at the 250 pv award, you get "20 Essential Rewards Points".  Will that help you if you are not "on" ER?  Yep!  You get to cash those in just like we do!  They get applied to your account the following month, and then you can use them on any standard order, just like cash!  

With this promo, at the temporary new pv award level of 325, you also get a free dewdrop diffuser!  You know, when they offered a free one last fall, I flipped!  And it was so successful they are doing it again. I really can't get enough diffusers - ha!  They are in every room of my house!  Young Living's are the BEST on the market, and they have a one year warranty!! 

Act quick!  You can order Mom that kit and throw in the skin care sale items, or just hand the credit card and let her stuff her cart full so she gets all the goodies shown.  It's a super,super pile of free stuff!!  Just click here