Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Orange, Panaway and Stress Away in April Promo. Gimme!

3 of the April Freebies

So, do I want the free oils?  I am filling my Essential Rewards cart and am super close to first freebie level,  like say 20 points away, do I really WANT to add $20 to my order just to get them?


Um, Ok Gayle, I'll get RIGHT on that and do whatever you say...

Seriously tho - those three are worth 100 bucks retail, so at your super smart member discount, that's $75+!!  And, it's 3 great oils** at the 190pv level that you will use!  I already talked about Stress Away the other day and also last fall so check the link for a refresher

But how about Panaway and Orange?  Let's start with Panaway

Panaway is for all of your "aches and pan". ;)  This stuff is awesome, was created by D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living as one of the signature oils.  It contains Helichrysum which is really some of the most amazing stuff on earth, but it's pretty spendy on it's own. This blend gives us all an affordable option.  Ready more about it HERE

Orange!  Orange is one of my absolute favorite oils!!  I LOVE THIS BOTTLE OF SUNSHINE!!  

It smells good, it tastes good!!  In water, yogurt (healthy alternative to flavorings) even white wine! My daughter and I each keep a bottle right in the bathroom by our toothbrushes.  All of the citrus oils are soooo good for your skin, so I rub any excess right on me when after working with Orange.  It's a fun addition to lotions, soaps and balms if you are a DIY-er (I'll be blogging those types of recipes too soon!)  I love it on my chest when I need respiratory support as well.  It's a citrus oil, so be careful in the sun!  

**Please note, the Stress Away part of this freebie is for those who order through Essential Rewards. For more information on that, just ask!  Or find my page on Facebook and ask away there.