Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Classes for you to attend!!!

Classes for you to attend on Essential Oils

Hello Friends!  Do you want more oily info?  I have two classes this week!  

The first one starts TONIGHT!

Ok, what day is tonight......

April 13!  8 pm CST, this FACEBOOK interactive class will go LIVE!  But, it will STAY up all week for you to view.  You need to be invited to this event.  Here is the Link to it on Facebook.  In order to attend, "friend" me if you are not my friend, then I will invite you to view.  

The next class is for those local to me.  This is a personal class session in my home in Lansing Illinois.  

For more information on that class, you may contact me via a post to this blog and I will reply.  Do you just want a starter kit?  Then go Here