Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fabulous February Promo's! Plus, How to Sign Up for Essential Rewards!

The Fabulous February Promo's!

Plus how to sign up for Essential Rewards Video! 

If you are like me, you love free!  I love the Young Living Promo's each month because I LOVE FREE!  I use the oils -my whole family does, so I order every month on the Essential Rewards program - which pays me back in points - and I always shoot for a "promo" level to get FREE OILS!  So, once you have a membership with Young Living, you can do this too!  Here are the February Promo's:  

Awesome!!! If you have been a member for a while, you have got to notice how much BETTER the promo's are!! I love this change!!

So, how about a little info on these oils.  What good is a free oil if it just sits there, right?

Let's start with Wintergreen:  

Well first off, it smells YUM!  It's awesome diffused and a fun addition to home-make lip balms too.  See how many "relief" blends it's in?  Yep - this stuff is great on the muscles!  It has a child proof cap as using too  much of it may thin the blood, but seriously - it would be rough to do that!  

Next up:  Patchouli.  That groovy 70's oil used by 18 - 30 year old hipsters everywhere!  Some say it smells like Pot. It doesn't - they are remembering the scent of the Patchouli they wore when they smoked pot lol!  

Good for the skin and soul!  Good for pets too!  Even good for digestion!

Last month and this, Young Living is giving us little "collections" they put together.  Last month it was the Evergreen collection, this month it's the I Love Oils collection!

Lots of lovely uses!  Grapefruit is now part of the Vitality Line - labelled by the FDA for internal use! There is still a Grapefruit Essential Oil labelled for topical use.  

And now, for the cherry on the already awesome case!  Copaiba!!  

Copaiba is amazing, amazing stuff!  Very mildly scented and mild on your skin - this stuff is one of my "go to"oils - When in doubt, grab Lavender, Frankincense or this beauty - my Copaiba.  My new best friend. Its calms you down, head to toe, and it helps all the other oils work better too!  I am constantly amazed by this oil, and I am thrilled a big ol' bottle!!!  

Ok now - see that line about 20 extra ER points?  Well Essential Rewards is a great program that pays you back in points, starting with 10% back and working on up to 20%!  Points are like cash.  $50 order, 5 points.  $300 order?  30 points.  Actually, your order has to be 50 "pv", and you'll need to contact your sponsor to make sure you do it right, but basically pv is point value, and for the most part, your cost for the item is usually the PV. Anyway, in a promo like this, Young Living is also throwing in an EXTRA $20!  20 points - 20 bucks!  A 300pv order gets you at least 30 points plus another 20 - 50 points!  50 bucks! and 50 bucks is 50 bucks!  :D

If you need help signing up for ER, check this out.

So that's it - learn and enjoy. <3