Friday, January 15, 2016

A Little Story

Hello, and welcome to January!  OK, it's not that bad, right?  My first-born was born on  January 14, so it's always been a nice extension of the holidays in a way, with more celebrations and some of the "crazy".

Today, I want to tell you a little story....

As I hope you know, or if you don't yet, I hope you research and learn, Essential Oils are fascinating! There is a lot to each Essential Oil, so never think one oil is used ONLY "for this" and another  ONLY "for that".  Thank goodness!

So here is my short tale:  Last night, I needed support for my respiratory system.  RC is lovely for that, but I opted for something a bit less fragrant this time.  I chose Lemon and Frankincense

I added about 3 drops of each into my Bamboo Diffuser from Young Living and settled in for the night.  Oh, how I loved that almost immediately!  

And here is where it gets interesting ;)  Twice, I woke up bathed in sweat.  I don't normally "hot flash", but thought - maybe?  One of those times that I awoke,  I distinctly recall a dream where I woke up one morning to find my entire house full of tradesmen of all construction trades doing various remodel projects - IN EVERY ROOM!! At first I was excited!  We were finally getting a new walk-in shower in the bathroom instead of the archaic, never-used whirlpool tub that is too big to be useful!  But then as I walked around - in my robe with tradesmen wandering about - I noticed glass tiles going in (hate them - sorry!) as well as paint - everywhere! New floor tile!   All in "cool" colors!  Deep Plum!  Grey!  I decorate in WARM!  (Like a Tuscan-Italian theme).  I got upset with my husband who had apparently arranged ALL of this without telling me or letting me pick one thing out.  I woke up from THAT nightmare, kinda laughed, "dried up", and went right back to sleep.  I don't recall the second dream, just remember waking up all sweaty a second time. But, when I awoke for the day, I was refreshed and ready to go! 

So, where is this going?  Well, I thought it was funny!  But my daughter asked me this morning what was wrong. She said twice in the middle of the night she could hear my mumbling and crying LOL!

OK, back up a bit...My hubby went out of town the other night,  and he had been such a crab all week that I specifically told him to not talk to me at all for about "a month" - to only contact me via text if he needed something for the business (did I mention, I also work for him????).   Ya, our marriage is a lot like this one:

We often think of hiring a camera crew and doing a reality show.  Not really, but anyway, we are expressive and vocal and fight well - to the point where we crack each other up DURING the argument, but anyway...he flies out with his buddy for this golf trip the other night, then wakes me up out of a sound sleep the very next morning to yell at me about some office problem I should have miraculously been able to figure out on my own, conveniently forgetting the very specific and heartfelt instructions of "just text me!"

No worries. I got over it quickly (I thought) like I always do.  (As does he). We thank God that He gives us the ability to do that.  I still took his calls and was sweet. His life as a business owner with employees is tough - I know.  And by last night, he called to apologize for the way he had been and to yet again praise me for the wonder that I am ;)

So, the moral of the story was that not only did my glorious Frankincense and Lemon help my respiratory system, they also helped my emotions by urging me to work things out in sleep that I had apparently not done yet!  I didn't think I was still ticked, but I guess I was!  BTW, if you know us, you know this is just us.  It's just the way we are.  And now,  it is off my chest, thanks to my oils.  Bear in mind, everyone is different!  Our reactions will vary. Therefore, I encourage you to research and learn and try a few things. I think you'll be as impressed as I continue to be with Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  Accept no substitute - use only the oils you know that are distilled and bottled the very finest way!

These things keep continuing to blow my mind...