Tuesday, December 8, 2015

There is still time to Gift an Essential Oils Kit!!

Gift the best Gift!  Wellness!

It's not too late - I can still help you bless someone with a gift that "keeps givin' the whole year through!"  Bless your wife, sister, daughter, friend - whomever, with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

To help them learn how to effectively "oil", I'll send them a 400 page reference guide and personally instruct them on safe use, plus, I help and encourage people all year along in my blog, my Facebook learning pages, Facebook classes, in-person and skype classes, personal phone calls, message and texts.  My desire is that they USE these oils and replace synthetic chemicals with plant-based therapies that are designed by nature to work WITH our bodies - who would not want that!!  I encourage my members to be open and frank with their medical professional too - we need a well rounded approach to our health, right!  Especially if we enjoy just a bit too much holiday LOL!  

Contact me soon, either via my Order Link, via the email shown above, text or call.  If you order this week yet, we can get that kit under a tree! Or, I'll send you a gift certificate to use while you wait for it.

Blessings to you - enjoy the true Spirit of Christmas with your loved ones!