Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stress Away! Aaaaahhhhhh, Sweet Stress Away!

Stress Away!  Ah Sweet Stress Away!

Oh the joys of this beautiful oil!  Well, first of all, we have now gone through the 10 oils of the Premium Starter Kit.  The 10 oils of that starter kit are good for just about every area of your life, and is bundled in a sweet little kit that is worth a ton, but sold at a discount so you can get started.  But, to top that off, Young Living throws in this bottle of sweet goodness with a perfect name, Stress Away! 

This stuff smells like a SPA. No two ways about, it just does. I hear that all the time!  And why not with oils like Vanilla and Lime - yummyness!

I have a roller ball top on mine.  Nice that Young Living happens to just throw that in the kit, right? For free - just like this oil - you get a free Roller Fitment.  Yeah! could use Stress Away....

Well, yah.  Or husbands.  Or bosses.  Or family of any kind.  

I love to use this as a scent, and also diffused. My daughter woke me up from a dead sleep one night, all panicked that she could not FIND her Stress Away - she loves to sleep with it :)  

Had a long day? Doesn't this sound nice?  

Stay tuned, I have more to tell you about this kit, but if you are ready, here is a graphic to explain just how awesome this value is:  

I love a deal!  Get yours HERE

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digize! For Digestion of course!

Day 10 - Digize!

Day 10 - or something like that.  My 14 day challenge is taking 3x 14 days I think! I have been busy lol!  But now I can take a breather.  So - onward to Digize!

Digize is a blend, filled with the great oils shown above.  It has a "unique" aroma.  I actually don't mind it at all, but some do.  However, those that come to love how well this essential oil blend works with their digestive systems come to appreciate it's aroma, and it's taste. Our minds are powerful, and our gut is sometimes called our "second brain", so one drop on the tongue can make that second brain do a happy dance!  Our primary brain is powerful where scents are concerned, and after a time of good success with it, even sniffing Digize can make that second brain happy - knowing what is coming!  

Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory"?  I think Leonard needs Digize ;)

So, as you can see by the above graphic, suggested uses are a drop in water or 2-3 drops in honey. You can place a few drops in a capsule with Olive Oil as well.  I like to apply to my abdomen and cover with a little Peppermint oil (for that aforementioned aroma, plus Peppermint drives everything in faster!).  Here is a great video filled with all cool things Digize.

Are you ready for your Premium Starter Kit yet?  The kits nowadays COME with Digize!   (A great new addition!).  To get your kit and wholesale membership, or even just to place a retail order, Click here.

See you soon with "Day 11"!