Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thieves! The Kind I WANT in my Home!


These kinds of "Thieves" can stay! 

When I First heard about a "Starter Kit" for Essential Oils, it was actually on a crafting blog! Someone snuck up their link, but as soon as people noticed it wasn't about cards, "poof", it was gone! I tried and tried to find something like that but to no avail. Honestly, I really did not know what to search for - I thought it was a "home scenting" kit.  A year or so later, I kept seeing posts about "Essential Oil Classes", and thought - "That's it!".  So, I sought one out, and I left knowing I wanted them, but not remembering much more of what I heard other than there was this weird oil called Thieves.  

Obviously, I have figured it out!  So, what is "Thieves"?  Well, it's a power-house blend of oils named after the "Legend of the Thieves".  As the story goes, these oils were used by spice traders gone bad to keep well while robbing the dead and dying during the plague

Thieves is on the the fantastic Young Living Products designed to keep you well by supporting your immune system.  The BEST way to do that is swipe a bit on the bottoms of your feet on days you are heading into a crowd (like the office or school!)  You can also press a drop to your mouth or drink it in this lovely "Tea"

Oh that stuff is num! And no tea bag needed!  Comfort Tea for sure!  

Sometimes, I just put a drop in honey and "down" it.  If I am uncomfortable and worried about seasonal stuff, I apply where I have discomfort. Often, I apply it to my toothbrush before I apply the paste. So good for teeth and gums!

One of my FAVORITE ways to use this all encompassing - use in all acceptable ways oil is diffused!  It will clear germs out of the room, make it smell wonderful and also be working on boosting your respiratory system too!  Add Orange or Citrus Fresh to make it smell even more glorious!

As I say at my classes, nobody is really sure about the exact details of the "Legend of the Thieves".  But we are VERY sure about the characteristics of the oils in this blend!  Clove (remember my last post and Clove?) Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary.  These are legendary oils, but their uses are not fiction!

This oil is SO effective that YL has made all kinds of Thieves Products! Check out all the goodness here