Monday, September 7, 2015

Peppermint Pride

Day 4 of 14 day Challenge - Peppermint Pride!

Today, it's time we learned more about Peppermint - one of the "Hall of Fame" essential oils for sure!

I have a good friend.  Let's call her "Diane".  OK, that's actually her real name, but let's call her that anyway!  My dear Diane has only purchased one Young Living, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil in the 14 months I have been oily.  One.  It's Peppermint. (She's bought other sub-par oils, but let's forgive her for that for now.....)   In all of this time, just about everything she has asked me about can be helped with Peppermint Oil!  I told her of all the oils she could have bought for her "one and only" oil this was the oil to get!

Peppermint is considered a "hot oil" in that if feels warm and tingly on your skin, so many like to "cut" it with a carrier oil.  It's light in weight and evaporates quickly (Young Living's Peppermint that is - as nothing else is in it!).  Many add a little carrier oil to their hand, then drop a drop of this VERY strong oil on top of that and apply.  This "hot" oil actually cools you down! Apply for what you might ask?  Here are some suggestions that may help you:

  1. Think a headache is coming?  Apply to the back of neck, forehead temples, sinuses - any and all!  Or drop it straight on the top of your head.  You will thank me!
  2. Sinuses all clogged up?  Fabulous right on the sinuses (be careful to not get to near the eye)
  3. Just took a tumble?  Apply to areas of concern
  4. Hot flash starting?  Apply to back of neck! 
  5. Bugs bugging you?  Apply where they got ya!
  6. Bloated tummy?  Apply to the belly!  
  7. Salsa too spicy?  (Or maybe anything you ate, producing annoying stomach acid) Apply to the chest!
Here is one of my FAVE uses:

Yep. Went there.  No explanation needed :)

Young Living pure, therapeutic grade Peppermint Oil is safe in all ways of EO use.  It's fantastic diffused, especially with a little Lemon EO.  Very uplifting! Wonderful way to freshen up the room too!  I put a drop on an old cork coaster as a car air freshener too! (I like to add Citrus Fresh as well - together it's extra yummy!)

Ahh! Fresh car - no nasty chemicals in my lungs!  It lasts for days, and when you need more?  Just add another drop or two.  Easy Peasy

Diffused, Applied, even Ingested!  (Young Living Therpeautic grade only - read your labels!!).  A tiny bit, not even a full drop, is refreshing in water, taste nummy in coffee and/or hot chocolate too. You can apply a drop to your finger and place in your mouth as a breath freshener or to ease an angry tummy.  Flavor ice cream, chocolate sauce, fudge, frosting, any thing you like to taste minty!  Once you bake it in cookies or brownies, the health benefits flash off, but the flavor remains, and it's the purest food flavoring you can find.  

Many like to even take it in a capsule, as it's just that good at keeping things running smoothly internally with all bodily systems. Often, people take it with a drop of Lemon and a drop of Lavender too (one drop of all 3 oils).  Fill the capsule the rest of the way with a good quality olive oil and drink with a full glass of water. Before a meal is best.  

We like to call the little power combo "LLP.  I like LLP best in an 5 ml bottle with a roller ball on top.  10 drops of each oil, and fill the rest of the bottle up with a good carrier oil.  It's smells lovely, so I apply LLP as a perfume. But this power house, applied to the back of your neck, behind your ears and on your wrists, will be you new BFF when seasonal discomfort get's ya down! 

So, I think it's time you got yours right Diane??  :D
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