Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lovely Lavender


Lavender, sweet Lavender!  The "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils! This Lavender is not your dime-store Lavender, let me tell you!  

Young Living's Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia) is grown (like all of their plants) on their farms organically, and every single step in the process is handled in house, which give them their famous "Seed to Seal" guarantee.  Because of this purity standard, this oil can be used safely topically, internally and diffused.  It's very mild and can be used "neat", but it's no lame duck cheap-o oil. One whiff and you'll know just how fantastic this particular Lavender is.

All of Young Living's oils are first distillations with nothing else added. Therefore, you will see by the bottle that it's safe to take as a supplement.  Most cheap Lavenders will say "external use only".  That's because of how it's grown, harvested, distilled, stretched out and packaged. In fact, I handed it to a waitress one day that had just cut her finger.  It's safe enough to use right in a cut. This pure Lavender will stop the bleeding and cleanse the wound.  And it won't sting. In fact, it takes out the sting!  Here is a glorious picture of Young Living's Lavender field in Mona, Utah!

So, what do I do with this bottle of goodness?  Well, I carry it with me wherever I go.  It's my "go to" as a deodorant (it's in the one I make as well), as a quick cologne, it calms me down when stressed, it calms my sinuses down when they are stressed, and at night, it helps me sleep!  It's in my home-made eye cream too - does wonders mixed with a little of Young Living's Peppermint oil for perking up the skin under my eyes.  (note:  Never use Essential Oils in the eye). Out in the sun a bit too long?  Lavender feels amazing on that warm skin!  Did you grab a pot with out a pot holder?  Lavender to the rescue!  

"Why does your vacuum cleaner smell like Lavender?"  I love using it any way i can, and a few drops every few weeks on my vacuum cleaner filter just plain rocks. 

Hey - it matches too!  Put some in a diffuser as well, your house will smell enchanting!

You need to try this stuff, and it's in the Premium Starter Kit!  Click the Best Way to Get Started link on your left.