Friday, September 4, 2015

Fantastic Frankincense!


Today, in day 3 of the challenge, we talk about the Fantastic Frankincense!  

Frankincense is a powerhouse Essential Oil.  When in doubt, grab Frankincense!  Well, Lavender too, but today we are talking about Frankincense. 

Here is a little story about my recent Frank use.  Yesterday, I sent to see the dentist to get a cracked tooth repaired  You know, drill out the old huge filling, dig around with the drill and scare me, then build up the tooth.  Normally, this is me at the dentist:  

Yep. I am a big ol baby!  KNOWING this in advance, I applied Frankincense to the back of my neck. I also used Valor on my chest area and Stress Away in my diffuser necklace - I was "armed with oils".  Good thing too.  I ended up having to have a small repair on one tooth and not ONE but TWO of the back teeth drilled out, cleaned and propped up.  But, while nervous - wondering if my lovely oils would hold up, once I sat back and let them get started, this was how my visit was:  

And hour and a HALF later, I was walkin' out the door.  No pain, no worry about how my heart took all that, surprised I was in that chair so long and did just fine and dandy!

Oh  Frankincense, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

  1. It can do anything!  
  2. It can be used in all the ways you use essential oils.  Topically, Aromatically, Ingested* and Diffused (*Young Living oils only)
  3. My skin LOVES it, and it loves my skin
  4. There are thousands of documented public, published scientific and medical studies backing up my great admiration for Frankincense Essential Oil

I chose this for my Dentist visit as I know what great emotional support this oil can give.  It's not the first time I have applied Frank to my neck (and Valor to the chest). You should see me when I have to drive the expressway.  It's not unlike me in the dentist chair! I have also just dropped a drop to the middle of the top my head to release emotional blocks.

Skin:  I started using Frank in my skin cream months back (unscented, pure lotion).  After a month or so, my husband, who does NOT normally make comments like this, looked up during one crazy dinner hour and said "your skin looks so good!".  ooohhhhkayayyyy.  Pick me up off the floor.  I told my good friend Cheryl about Frank in a skin cream.  She started using it and after one week told me she was amazed.  I saw her a few weeks after that, forgetting she was starting this, and I was amazed at how good her skin looked.  Chicks over 50 like us - we dig that !  

Diffusing it is lovely for mediation and prayer - it's been used in churches for centuries.  Diffusing it is also great when crafting or creating to help open up all those creative forces.  There is so much to Frankincense - I invite you to research more!  It's in the starter kit - part of what makes that kit such a great value!  It's one of the more valuable oils.  Young Living does not out-source their oils, so this oils is tapped straight from the trees on their Frankincense farms.  Click on the "Best Way to Get Started link to get yours.  For this month only, I have a great gift offer as a thank you!