Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Copaiba! Calms you Down from Head to Toe!


Co pie eeeee bahhhhh.  That's how you pronounce one my new favorite oils! While working on finding a good oil one night for my daughter, so her cough could just calm down already, I finally opted for Copaiba, an oil that up until then I just plain overlooked too often.  I applied to her chest and back and said "this oil will be your new best friend!"  She went to sleep in 10 minutes and slept all night.  The next night, she asked for her "new best friend", as she had no idea how to pronounce it.  Took me a second, but I remembered!  It's now one of the FIRST ones we grab  

This oil was not originally part of the Premium Starter kit when I started using Essential Oils.  It took me a bit to work up the courage to invest in it, as it's a more valuable essential oil.  But even then, I just did not use it for more than a magnifier (more on that later). One day, I was asked to make a video for an online training, and I studied up a bit more.  Since learning more, we grab this puppy all the time! And now, I am SO EXCITED that it's part of the new Premium Starter Kit!  One of the BEST choices YL has made for this kit!!  Here are a few lovely uses:  

This list is pretty much everything I said in my video - hence, they made a graphic from it!  (Just a little proud lol!)

As mentioned, it's a magnifying oil.  Copaiba will enhance the effectiveness of any oil you have just applied.  And boy, does it!  It also revs up any blend you make.  Many of us will add it to our LLP (Lemon Lavender Peppermint) roll-ons to increase the effectiveness for better support with occasional seasonal issues.  My sister loves to use it to enhance the benefits of a layering technique she does with Valor followed by Panaway.  Copaiba tops the layer and makes her knees happy!  

It's mildly scented and is mild to the touch, yet it's calming effects are wonderful all over and inside of you!  

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