Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Love that Lemon!

Well it's time to start updating now that I am ready to use this new link!  I will chat a bit about each of the oils in the Premium Starter kit in my posts and also share great DIY recipes using Essential Oils These kit oils are considered "Every Day oils" because they are oils used beautifully in every day life!

Let's talk Lemon.  Lemon is awesome!  Like all of our citrus oils, it's cold pressed from the rind.  1 drop of Lemon in your water is like cutting up an entire Lemon - BUT, no acid to ruin the enamel of your teeth!  Yet you get alllll the goodness of Lemon in your water for kidney and bladder support. Add a drop of it once a day to your water.  Be sure to put that in a glass, ceramic or metal cup. Pure therapeutic grade Lemon oil EATS plastic.  Not only will you be drinking plastic, you will ruin your cup!  

Rich in the skin loving d-limonene is great for your skin.  However, d-limonene attracts the sun. While that is great for Lemons, it's not great for you while out in the sun, so carefully apply this oil either at night or in an area that won't be exposed to the sun during the day.

Do you have a diffuser?  Lemon is so uplifting diffused!  5 or 6 drops in the diffuser is AWESOME. Great for homework time with the kids. Great for adults too - especially as you start your day. Just a great mood brightening oil!  Other great uses:

1.  Add a drop to a bowl of water, then rinse your fresh produce in it so it lasts longer
2.  Got sticky gunk?  Lemon oil to the rescue! Gunk be gone!
3.  Whiten and brightens!  I no longer use bleach in my laundry as I am chemical free in many ways.   A few drops of Lemon Essential Oil in your white load is lovely
4.  Occasional break outs?  Dilute Lemon with coconut or grape seed oil (50/50) and apply to those blemishes in the evening.
5.  Lemon oil on the chest or sinuses encourages a healthy respiratory system and respiratory clearing.

Just a few uses - I encourage you to search out more!  Click that link on the right or contact me for help getting started.

- Gayle