Tuesday, December 8, 2015

There is still time to Gift an Essential Oils Kit!!

Gift the best Gift!  Wellness!

It's not too late - I can still help you bless someone with a gift that "keeps givin' the whole year through!"  Bless your wife, sister, daughter, friend - whomever, with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

To help them learn how to effectively "oil", I'll send them a 400 page reference guide and personally instruct them on safe use, plus, I help and encourage people all year along in my blog, my Facebook learning pages, Facebook classes, in-person and skype classes, personal phone calls, message and texts.  My desire is that they USE these oils and replace synthetic chemicals with plant-based therapies that are designed by nature to work WITH our bodies - who would not want that!!  I encourage my members to be open and frank with their medical professional too - we need a well rounded approach to our health, right!  Especially if we enjoy just a bit too much holiday LOL!  

Contact me soon, either via my Order Link, via the email shown above, text or call.  If you order this week yet, we can get that kit under a tree! Or, I'll send you a gift certificate to use while you wait for it.

Blessings to you - enjoy the true Spirit of Christmas with your loved ones!

Friday, December 4, 2015

DIY Room Spray with Essential Oils!! Brilliant!


Did you just get your oil kit and are itching to play? Or, do you need a quick hostess gift for the holidays, or any time?  This is my "go to" for that!

Room Sprays are one of the easiest, yet most used, ideas for people to make at home with essential oils.  If you are using a High Quality, Essential Oil like Young Living, you can just follow my recipe below!

DIY Room Spay:

4 ounce glass or plastic spray bottle
3 1/2 ounces purified water
1 teaspoon witch hazel, vodka or epsom salts*
15 drops of your choice of Essential Oil


Pour all in your bottle - make sure you have room for the spray top, then shake it up!  

Lavender - makes a wonderful room and linen spray

Purification - makes a perfect room deodorizer that will eradicate the odor, not cover it up with "fragrance"

Thieves - purifies the room and smells like Christmas!

You wanna know why ELSE I love these?  If made with a pure Essential Oil like Young Living, this spray is safe for kids and pets too, not to mention everybody else who breathes it in.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas Make and Take!


Pre-orders are now closed.  However, you are still more than welcome to join us to make most of the items.  Beard sets, Bubble Bath and Car Fresheners may not be available supply-wise, but most of the other items will be even if you did not pre-order.  We will have fun!! Bring friends!!

Yep!  It's that time of year!  Time to make the list and check it twice!  Essential Oils are not only chemical free wellness, they are for chemical free beauty and scenting too!

A "Make and Take" is a fun time where we find cool things for you to make and gift, all from natural ingredients.  What a great way to show someone you care - with a hand made, useful, all natural gift!

We have a Friday night (December 11) or Saturday day (December 12) option for you and fun ideas too!  We'll even have a short "Oil Class" if you have never heard of Essential Oil Therapy. We will also have some great snacks to enjoy as well!  

Please sign up on our event page HERE.  Just click "join!" It's is important to ALSO pre-order your items HERE.  This way, we can get supplies ready for you!  We do need pre-payment in advance via paypal

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stress Away! Aaaaahhhhhh, Sweet Stress Away!

Stress Away!  Ah Sweet Stress Away!

Oh the joys of this beautiful oil!  Well, first of all, we have now gone through the 10 oils of the Premium Starter Kit.  The 10 oils of that starter kit are good for just about every area of your life, and is bundled in a sweet little kit that is worth a ton, but sold at a discount so you can get started.  But, to top that off, Young Living throws in this bottle of sweet goodness with a perfect name, Stress Away! 

This stuff smells like a SPA. No two ways about, it just does. I hear that all the time!  And why not with oils like Vanilla and Lime - yummyness!

I have a roller ball top on mine.  Nice that Young Living happens to just throw that in the kit, right? For free - just like this oil - you get a free Roller Fitment.  Yeah!  Now...how could use Stress Away....

Well, yah.  Or husbands.  Or bosses.  Or family of any kind.  

I love to use this as a scent, and also diffused. My daughter woke me up from a dead sleep one night, all panicked that she could not FIND her Stress Away - she loves to sleep with it :)  

Had a long day? Doesn't this sound nice?  

Stay tuned, I have more to tell you about this kit, but if you are ready, here is a graphic to explain just how awesome this value is:  

I love a deal!  Get yours HERE

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digize! For Digestion of course!

Day 10 - Digize!

Day 10 - or something like that.  My 14 day challenge is taking 3x 14 days I think! I have been busy lol!  But now I can take a breather.  So - onward to Digize!

Digize is a blend, filled with the great oils shown above.  It has a "unique" aroma.  I actually don't mind it at all, but some do.  However, those that come to love how well this essential oil blend works with their digestive systems come to appreciate it's aroma, and it's taste. Our minds are powerful, and our gut is sometimes called our "second brain", so one drop on the tongue can make that second brain do a happy dance!  Our primary brain is powerful where scents are concerned, and after a time of good success with it, even sniffing Digize can make that second brain happy - knowing what is coming!  

Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory"?  I think Leonard needs Digize ;)

So, as you can see by the above graphic, suggested uses are a drop in water or 2-3 drops in honey. You can place a few drops in a capsule with Olive Oil as well.  I like to apply to my abdomen and cover with a little Peppermint oil (for that aforementioned aroma, plus Peppermint drives everything in faster!).  Here is a great video filled with all cool things Digize.

Are you ready for your Premium Starter Kit yet?  The kits nowadays COME with Digize!   (A great new addition!).  To get your kit and wholesale membership, or even just to place a retail order, Click here.

See you soon with "Day 11"!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thieves! The Kind I WANT in my Home!


These kinds of "Thieves" can stay! 

When I First heard about a "Starter Kit" for Essential Oils, it was actually on a crafting blog! Someone snuck up their link, but as soon as people noticed it wasn't about cards, "poof", it was gone! I tried and tried to find something like that but to no avail. Honestly, I really did not know what to search for - I thought it was a "home scenting" kit.  A year or so later, I kept seeing posts about "Essential Oil Classes", and thought - "That's it!".  So, I sought one out, and I left knowing I wanted them, but not remembering much more of what I heard other than there was this weird oil called Thieves.  

Obviously, I have figured it out!  So, what is "Thieves"?  Well, it's a power-house blend of oils named after the "Legend of the Thieves".  As the story goes, these oils were used by spice traders gone bad to keep well while robbing the dead and dying during the plague

Thieves is on the the fantastic Young Living Products designed to keep you well by supporting your immune system.  The BEST way to do that is swipe a bit on the bottoms of your feet on days you are heading into a crowd (like the office or school!)  You can also press a drop to your mouth or drink it in this lovely "Tea"

Oh that stuff is num! And no tea bag needed!  Comfort Tea for sure!  

Sometimes, I just put a drop in honey and "down" it.  If I am uncomfortable and worried about seasonal stuff, I apply where I have discomfort. Often, I apply it to my toothbrush before I apply the paste. So good for teeth and gums!

One of my FAVORITE ways to use this all encompassing - use in all acceptable ways oil is diffused!  It will clear germs out of the room, make it smell wonderful and also be working on boosting your respiratory system too!  Add Orange or Citrus Fresh to make it smell even more glorious!

As I say at my classes, nobody is really sure about the exact details of the "Legend of the Thieves".  But we are VERY sure about the characteristics of the oils in this blend!  Clove (remember my last post and Clove?) Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary.  These are legendary oils, but their uses are not fiction!

This oil is SO effective that YL has made all kinds of Thieves Products! Check out all the goodness here  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Panaway! Avoid Risky Alternatives!

So "speeding right along" here in my 14 day challenge (ha!) we move on to Day 8 - Panaway.

I am blessed to say that I really don't have a lot of "Aches and Pans" (haha!) but boy, when the need arises, this is a gem!  This little beauty is a blend of Wintergreen, Clove, Helichrysum and Peppermint. It was created by Young Living's founder, D. Gary Young, as an oil blend he wanted for dealing with residual discomfort from an injury long ago.  Face it - we all have that!  A day with discomfort.  

As a society, in my opinion, we've become a bunch of pill poppers.  I see it, you see it - we all see it.  We know that sometimes, it's necessary.  However, the risks involved with that convenience are huge.  Take a look at this article regarding drug abuse .  Notice the chart on deaths caused not only from all prescription drugs, but also opioids. Do you know someone who has needed help for addiction to opioids?  I do, and you probably know too. What about non-prescriptions pain relief?  Read this as well as this article too. My attitude is "why risk it"? 

The oils in this blend are fabulous!  Wintergreen and Peppermint are cooling and refreshing. Clove is the oil you smell in every dental office you walk into as it's used in the dental field to help scaredy-cats like me handle it lol!  It's been used for centuries for tooth issues (you still need to see your dentist - don't just go buy Clove and cancel and appointment lol!). Helichrysum is an extremely valuable oil that most of of will not purchase, and is used for a ton,but in this case, it's to help give you relief.  Young Living gives us access to this more affordable by adding it to this blend.  Put all of this goodness together, and you have Panaway!

This oil has a child-proof cap, so use wisely. It's not one I diffuse as it's so wonderful applied!  In fact, that's the only recommend use - topical application If you were smart and bought a Premium Starter Kit, a cool roller fitment with it for free!  Pop that baby on the bottle and apply as needed.  I LOVE to extend this with a good fatty carrier oil, such as grape seed, coconut, or Young Living's V6.  A little of this stuff goes a long way!  

Did you read Day 5 on Copaiba?  Learn how to extend the benefit of Panaway.  Here is how I layer for days I really need help:

  1. Panaway
  2. Copaiba
  3. Peppermint - it's a driving oil, it drives all that goodness on in quickly
You can get a little jar, add Coconut oil (1/4 cup is a good start), then 10 drops of each of those oils for a nice balm for days you need it!  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Purification - Perfectly Named!

So, on to Day 7 in the 14 day Challenge!  Ok, so I am not going in order by days on the calendar, but I've been busy lol! So busy that my feet are on my foot massager and they are covered in Panaway - an oil we will go over soon.  

Purification!  Yes, perfectly named!  It's for Purification, duh.  Purification of air, skin, smelly things, pets, laundry, garbage disposals, sinks, fridges, air vents, carpets - the list goes on and one!

This powerful, nicely priced blend is comprised of Citronella (yes!) Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavendin, Melaleuca Alternifolia (aka Tea Tree) and Myrtle. Ooh, this is a great combo!!

OK, soothes and cleanses skin!  (Lavendin is the soother!). Outdoor - annoyances - yes! All that other stuff - you bet.  Here is how I use this lovely oil. 

1. Purifies smells!  I diffuse it to clean the air.  I add about 15 drops to a 4 ounce spray bottle of water and a little Epsom salts as a bathroom spray (or anything else that smells, like shoes...awesome!).  A drop on a cotton ball for the fridge or car.  We had SKUNK smell all day yesterday - something died in the ditch outside - I diffused it in the rooms to get that smell OUT!  Smelly laundry?  Add a drop or 3 to the soap.  Stinky sink and/or garbage disposal?  Drop or 3 in each.  Add it to carpet shampoo solutions.  Getting the hint?  It get RID of the stink! It does not just cover it up with some perfumy, chemically based stuff that you naturally turn away from as you know it can't possibly be safe to breath in!

2.  In my diffuser outside when we are just sitting around chatting. After all, one of the Essential Oils is Citronella!

3.  I like to make an "Outdoor" Spray with Purification, for outdoor "pests" flying around.  Fall "sweat" bees do not care for it!  15 drops in a 4 ounce sprayer OR 10 each of Purification, Thieves, and Peppermint in an 8 ounce sprayer (for all year round).  Emulsify with 1 tsp of Vodka, Witch Hazel or Epsom Salts

4.  I apply this oil directly to any skin irritations, bites, etc, to cleanse and purify.

5.  Detox bath:  Feeling like you could use one?  Add a few drops to some Epsom Salts, then mix with a nice warm bath.  Ahhhhh! 

You want it?  It's in the Premium Starter Kit!  Plus, for this month only, you get all of these goodies too!

Or, just head over to EssentialOilOrders.com and order Purification on it's own.  :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 6 - RC, for Respiratory Comfort!

RC - for Respiratory Comfort!

Remember the days when reaching for RC meant asking for pop?  That's what we call it in the Midwest.  Pop.  And generally by it's name.  So if we wanted an RC, we asked for an RC.  Not Soda - anyway, I digress  I no longer drink Pop, RC, Soda etc, so in my house, when I ask where the RC is, I mean this blend!

So far, in the 14 day challenge, I have only spot-lit single oils, named after the plant form which they were distilled.  There is no plant called "RC" - which is a good tip off that this is a blend! 

RC is comprised of the following essential oils:  Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus Citriodora, (yep, 3 kinds!), Myrtle, Spruce, Peppermint, Pine, Lavender, Marjoram, Cypress.  WOW!  No wonder our lungs LOVE this stuff! That's a powerful blend!  But it's also balanced with the more gentle Lavender and Marjoram.  RC is wonderful diffused at night.  It opens up those airways, yet the Lavender and Marjoram will let you relax and get rest!  During the day - same thing - opening and relaxing your airways

A little "RC" story:  My husband is a big ol snore factory.  I have devised ways to cope and rest, but if he has any respiratory issues, well, lets just say it's rough!  Lying there, unable to sleep as each loud jack-hammering exhale startled me awake, I went looking for RC!  I dropped 4 or 5 drops in the diffuser and placed it right next to him on his nightstand (he's not big on the diffuser so close - ha!).  But, as RC did it's job, those snores grew quieter and quieter, plus - he stayed asleep!  The next day he wanted to know why the diffuser was "right next to his head".  I explained, and to my surprise, he asked if he could take it with on his golf trip the next day.  It seems the other guys don't like rooming with Snory McSnorenson.  No diffuser?  Apply diluted to the chest, rub a bit under your nose, apply straight the bottoms of your feet - be sure to that big toe!  (It works wonders on your snorer!

RC may not be an "everyday" oil, but many of us could use some Respiratory Comfort for those kinda days!

This oil is generally in the Premium Starter kit. However, Young Living will substitute another oil in for it if it's out of stock.  They call it "Flex Oils".  Often, Tea Tree will be subbed - which is also a fabulous choice, and a talk for another day.  To order your kit, please click on the link to the right, "Best Ways to Begin".  Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Copaiba! Calms you Down from Head to Toe!


Co pie eeeee bahhhhh.  That's how you pronounce one my new favorite oils! While working on finding a good oil one night for my daughter, so her cough could just calm down already, I finally opted for Copaiba, an oil that up until then I just plain overlooked too often.  I applied to her chest and back and said "this oil will be your new best friend!"  She went to sleep in 10 minutes and slept all night.  The next night, she asked for her "new best friend", as she had no idea how to pronounce it.  Took me a second, but I remembered!  It's now one of the FIRST ones we grab  

This oil was not originally part of the Premium Starter kit when I started using Essential Oils.  It took me a bit to work up the courage to invest in it, as it's a more valuable essential oil.  But even then, I just did not use it for more than a magnifier (more on that later). One day, I was asked to make a video for an online training, and I studied up a bit more.  Since learning more, we grab this puppy all the time! And now, I am SO EXCITED that it's part of the new Premium Starter Kit!  One of the BEST choices YL has made for this kit!!  Here are a few lovely uses:  

This list is pretty much everything I said in my video - hence, they made a graphic from it!  (Just a little proud lol!)

As mentioned, it's a magnifying oil.  Copaiba will enhance the effectiveness of any oil you have just applied.  And boy, does it!  It also revs up any blend you make.  Many of us will add it to our LLP (Lemon Lavender Peppermint) roll-ons to increase the effectiveness for better support with occasional seasonal issues.  My sister loves to use it to enhance the benefits of a layering technique she does with Valor followed by Panaway.  Copaiba tops the layer and makes her knees happy!  

It's mildly scented and is mild to the touch, yet it's calming effects are wonderful all over and inside of you!  

Ready to get started with Essential Oils?  Click here! https://http://yl.pe/k93

Monday, September 7, 2015

Peppermint Pride

Day 4 of 14 day Challenge - Peppermint Pride!

Today, it's time we learned more about Peppermint - one of the "Hall of Fame" essential oils for sure!

I have a good friend.  Let's call her "Diane".  OK, that's actually her real name, but let's call her that anyway!  My dear Diane has only purchased one Young Living, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil in the 14 months I have been oily.  One.  It's Peppermint. (She's bought other sub-par oils, but let's forgive her for that for now.....)   In all of this time, just about everything she has asked me about can be helped with Peppermint Oil!  I told her of all the oils she could have bought for her "one and only" oil this was the oil to get!

Peppermint is considered a "hot oil" in that if feels warm and tingly on your skin, so many like to "cut" it with a carrier oil.  It's light in weight and evaporates quickly (Young Living's Peppermint that is - as nothing else is in it!).  Many add a little carrier oil to their hand, then drop a drop of this VERY strong oil on top of that and apply.  This "hot" oil actually cools you down! Apply for what you might ask?  Here are some suggestions that may help you:

  1. Think a headache is coming?  Apply to the back of neck, forehead temples, sinuses - any and all!  Or drop it straight on the top of your head.  You will thank me!
  2. Sinuses all clogged up?  Fabulous right on the sinuses (be careful to not get to near the eye)
  3. Just took a tumble?  Apply to areas of concern
  4. Hot flash starting?  Apply to back of neck! 
  5. Bugs bugging you?  Apply where they got ya!
  6. Bloated tummy?  Apply to the belly!  
  7. Salsa too spicy?  (Or maybe anything you ate, producing annoying stomach acid) Apply to the chest!
Here is one of my FAVE uses:

Yep. Went there.  No explanation needed :)

Young Living pure, therapeutic grade Peppermint Oil is safe in all ways of EO use.  It's fantastic diffused, especially with a little Lemon EO.  Very uplifting! Wonderful way to freshen up the room too!  I put a drop on an old cork coaster as a car air freshener too! (I like to add Citrus Fresh as well - together it's extra yummy!)

Ahh! Fresh car - no nasty chemicals in my lungs!  It lasts for days, and when you need more?  Just add another drop or two.  Easy Peasy

Diffused, Applied, even Ingested!  (Young Living Therpeautic grade only - read your labels!!).  A tiny bit, not even a full drop, is refreshing in water, taste nummy in coffee and/or hot chocolate too. You can apply a drop to your finger and place in your mouth as a breath freshener or to ease an angry tummy.  Flavor ice cream, chocolate sauce, fudge, frosting, any thing you like to taste minty!  Once you bake it in cookies or brownies, the health benefits flash off, but the flavor remains, and it's the purest food flavoring you can find.  

Many like to even take it in a capsule, as it's just that good at keeping things running smoothly internally with all bodily systems. Often, people take it with a drop of Lemon and a drop of Lavender too (one drop of all 3 oils).  Fill the capsule the rest of the way with a good quality olive oil and drink with a full glass of water. Before a meal is best.  

We like to call the little power combo "LLP.  I like LLP best in an 5 ml bottle with a roller ball on top.  10 drops of each oil, and fill the rest of the bottle up with a good carrier oil.  It's smells lovely, so I apply LLP as a perfume. But this power house, applied to the back of your neck, behind your ears and on your wrists, will be you new BFF when seasonal discomfort get's ya down! 

So, I think it's time you got yours right Diane??  :D
Click the link on on the right that ways "The Best Way to Begin!  

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fantastic Frankincense!


Today, in day 3 of the challenge, we talk about the Fantastic Frankincense!  

Frankincense is a powerhouse Essential Oil.  When in doubt, grab Frankincense!  Well, Lavender too, but today we are talking about Frankincense. 

Here is a little story about my recent Frank use.  Yesterday, I sent to see the dentist to get a cracked tooth repaired  You know, drill out the old huge filling, dig around with the drill and scare me, then build up the tooth.  Normally, this is me at the dentist:  

Yep. I am a big ol baby!  KNOWING this in advance, I applied Frankincense to the back of my neck. I also used Valor on my chest area and Stress Away in my diffuser necklace - I was "armed with oils".  Good thing too.  I ended up having to have a small repair on one tooth and not ONE but TWO of the back teeth drilled out, cleaned and propped up.  But, while nervous - wondering if my lovely oils would hold up, once I sat back and let them get started, this was how my visit was:  

And hour and a HALF later, I was walkin' out the door.  No pain, no worry about how my heart took all that, surprised I was in that chair so long and did just fine and dandy!

Oh  Frankincense, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

  1. It can do anything!  
  2. It can be used in all the ways you use essential oils.  Topically, Aromatically, Ingested* and Diffused (*Young Living oils only)
  3. My skin LOVES it, and it loves my skin
  4. There are thousands of documented public, published scientific and medical studies backing up my great admiration for Frankincense Essential Oil

I chose this for my Dentist visit as I know what great emotional support this oil can give.  It's not the first time I have applied Frank to my neck (and Valor to the chest). You should see me when I have to drive the expressway.  It's not unlike me in the dentist chair! I have also just dropped a drop to the middle of the top my head to release emotional blocks.

Skin:  I started using Frank in my skin cream months back (unscented, pure lotion).  After a month or so, my husband, who does NOT normally make comments like this, looked up during one crazy dinner hour and said "your skin looks so good!".  ooohhhhkayayyyy.  Pick me up off the floor.  I told my good friend Cheryl about Frank in a skin cream.  She started using it and after one week told me she was amazed.  I saw her a few weeks after that, forgetting she was starting this, and I was amazed at how good her skin looked.  Chicks over 50 like us - we dig that !  

Diffusing it is lovely for mediation and prayer - it's been used in churches for centuries.  Diffusing it is also great when crafting or creating to help open up all those creative forces.  There is so much to Frankincense - I invite you to research more!  It's in the starter kit - part of what makes that kit such a great value!  It's one of the more valuable oils.  Young Living does not out-source their oils, so this oils is tapped straight from the trees on their Frankincense farms.  Click on the "Best Way to Get Started link to get yours.  For this month only, I have a great gift offer as a thank you! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lovely Lavender


Lavender, sweet Lavender!  The "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils! This Lavender is not your dime-store Lavender, let me tell you!  

Young Living's Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia) is grown (like all of their plants) on their farms organically, and every single step in the process is handled in house, which give them their famous "Seed to Seal" guarantee.  Because of this purity standard, this oil can be used safely topically, internally and diffused.  It's very mild and can be used "neat", but it's no lame duck cheap-o oil. One whiff and you'll know just how fantastic this particular Lavender is.

All of Young Living's oils are first distillations with nothing else added. Therefore, you will see by the bottle that it's safe to take as a supplement.  Most cheap Lavenders will say "external use only".  That's because of how it's grown, harvested, distilled, stretched out and packaged. In fact, I handed it to a waitress one day that had just cut her finger.  It's safe enough to use right in a cut. This pure Lavender will stop the bleeding and cleanse the wound.  And it won't sting. In fact, it takes out the sting!  Here is a glorious picture of Young Living's Lavender field in Mona, Utah!

So, what do I do with this bottle of goodness?  Well, I carry it with me wherever I go.  It's my "go to" as a deodorant (it's in the one I make as well), as a quick cologne, it calms me down when stressed, it calms my sinuses down when they are stressed, and at night, it helps me sleep!  It's in my home-made eye cream too - does wonders mixed with a little of Young Living's Peppermint oil for perking up the skin under my eyes.  (note:  Never use Essential Oils in the eye). Out in the sun a bit too long?  Lavender feels amazing on that warm skin!  Did you grab a pot with out a pot holder?  Lavender to the rescue!  

"Why does your vacuum cleaner smell like Lavender?"  I love using it any way i can, and a few drops every few weeks on my vacuum cleaner filter just plain rocks. 

Hey - it matches too!  Put some in a diffuser as well, your house will smell enchanting!

You need to try this stuff, and it's in the Premium Starter Kit!  Click the Best Way to Get Started link on your left.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 1 - LEMON!!!

It's Lemon!  I already did a Lemon post, but it's so AMAZING that I love it's the first one in the challenge!! I LOVE LEMON!!  

Why? Well, it's not because I am a sour puss LOL! But it's SUCH a versatile Oil!  

I teach oil classes.  In them, everyone gets a GLASS (no plastic please!) of Lemon Oil infused water. Ice too - it helps move that oil around in the water.  Essential Oils are volatile plant compounds, and while they will evaporate, they are still classified as an oil as they won't mix with water.  So, in that GLASS glass (metal or ceramic too), you need to stir them up with that ice, or a metal straw.  Vodka works too, but it's not a good idea to walk around drinking vodka on ice with Lemon Oil all day long ;)  (But feel free to add it to you mixed drinks when the time is right!)

I keep saying GLASS.  There is a reason! Lemon EO EATS plastic! It cleans it out of you too which is why it's so cool, but don't add to the problem by putting it in a plastic drinking receptacle as you'll be drinking plastic.  You'll wreck the glass too! I know.  I have done this.  

Lemon Essential Oil is cold pressed from the rind.  As such, there is no citric acid to worry about, which is another plus for adding it to water.  It can support your kidneys without ruining the enamel on your teeth!

Lemon is fresh and clean. You can add the essential oil to your white laundry load if you, like me, have given up bleach!  You can mix it in a bottle with water and a bit of epsom salts and clean away with it.  Do you have a diffuser?   You so need a diffuser!  Diffuse Lemon - it's so happy and uplifting!  It's great after school for the kids!!  It's basically free with a Premium Starter Kit too!  yl.pe/k93

One of the BEST things about Lemon is it's so affordable! It's an oil you will use all of the time!  Lots of uses we did not even cover, but as you get to know me, you will learn many!  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Silver September!

September is a special month to me!!

1.  I will have been married for 34 years on the 18th!  Thanks to God, for protecting me and my marriage, and to Randy, who also loves the Lord and has graciously accepted God's protection for our marriage.  ie:  He still loves me, "us", our kids, our life. He is still with us.  If you have a man that has done the same, THANK HIM!  No matter what you may have encountered in your marriage - no matter how many socks he leaves around or if he forgets your birthday every year...is he still there for you?  Loving you, continuing life with you?  Thank him! And thank the Lord too.  

2.  New life now - no more kids in school!  Yippee! Celebrate with me LOL!  

3. One year ago, I took a challenge called "Silver in September" for my business in Young Living Essential Oils.  And here I am, still standing, ready to go Silver!  So, for the next 2 weeks, I invite you to learn about our wonderful Premium Starter Kit!  At the end of the challenge, if you take the plunge and go all "oily", for THIS MONTH only, you will receive from me a NICE gift package worth $50!  This will include reference materials and supplies to help you begin living a chemical free life!  The little "asterisk" next to my graphic on the sidebar?  * Yep, it references this gift package.  It's the prize for not only reviewing all 14 days, but for letting me help you get your starter kit!  So, I'm ready to go - are you?  (New Info every day for 2 weeks!)